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“on phone, health insurance issues with group policy for small business. UGH #cphc

“I never lost that "mentality" years later. #cphc

“When I was on chemo in 2006, I changed much and shifted my perspective. Simplified as much as possible. Now, I do what I can/want. #cphc

“Holidays seem to bring out the worst in my family. Too much build up for one 24 hour period of time. Shopping, cooking, blah blah. #cphc

“I'm here! #cphc

Lung Cancer Facts

Lung Cancer Facts

RT @GailZahtz: Facts you NEED to know about Lung Cancer by our #CPHC guest tomorrow @LungCancerFaces #LCHC13

The Inspire Q&A: Inspire talks with Deanna Attai, MD - John2's journal - Inspire

The Inspire Q&A: Inspire talks with Deanna Attai, MD - John2's journal - Inspire

RT @giasison: A Must Read on @teaminspire 's Interview w/ @DrAttai on #breastcancer social media! #bcsm #cancerlove #cphc #HCSM

“It was heartbreaking. RT @nursefriendly: @CSlaterMD She broke news as a guest on Tuesdays #CPHC chat as a guest host, very moving. #HCHLITSS”

“Yes, Thank you for sharing. ((hugs)) RT @giasison: RT @ChatHealth: Thank you @giasison for being our guest today and sharing her story #cphc

“THIS! RT @NatriceR @giasison #CPHC PS no need to housekeep or be polite/respond on Twitter..no worries for you..just tweet & take care #cphc

“RT @Colin_Hung: +1 RT @NatriceR: @giasison rest well and feel surrounded by thoughts, support and friends. We are all here for you. #cphc

“Such excellent tweets in this chat. What a great group!! #cphc

“No More Ribbons. It's all about people. Community. Connection. Love. Support. Understanding. Unconditional acceptance. for starters.. #cphc

“Listen up #bcsm, we are being called! RT @drkdhoffman: Be #fearlessfriends and use #cancerlove and walk with @giasison #cphc

“I'm just so sorry to see another person in this situation. RT @giasison: @chemobrainfog Will do Anne. You rock! #cancerlove #cphc

“RT @GailZahtz: @giasison A lot of us know it isnt a 1 day surgery or 1 hour of support. Its a tough road, and people will be here #cphc

“So important not to hold ourselves up to anyone else. No right way to "do cancer" ... Up to friends to just support choices. #cphc

“RT @ChatHealth: Honoring peoples decisions on how they want to proceed with their illness is part of process for those giving comfort. #cphc

“Repeat from last nt: Together we R stronger than sum of all of our parts. TOGETHER is key. One goal. One vision. Better future for all #cphc

Sand and Stone

Sand and Stone

I agree! RT @toughLoveforx: @giasison Youi should know I consider your blog a gift.. #cphc

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