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Brain activity changes seen after chemo

Brain activity changes seen after chemo

More thanks to @ASCO for patient access to pubs. Just rec'd a copy of study referenced here: #chemobrain #bcsm

“What happened w/Ann @ButDocIHatePink in PCP office? When patient has to explain #metastatic #breastcancer .. #bcsm”

“2/2 Tone was dismissive, paternalistic and condescending. I'm irritated and yes, the clinician will be replaced. Patient as PARTNERS. #bcsm”

“"I'm not an md. I'm just a guy who's been there." @CopeMoyers power of patient advocates. #bringhopetomind #fountainhouse”

“WOW: @johnsculley: Politicians and lobbyists can't solve #healthcare. It's quite simple: Empower consumers with patient-in-control solution”

“MT @jrgralow: In SWOG social media mtg. Discussing how 2 engage physicians & patients in clinical trials w/social media #swogonc #bcsm #lcsm”

“What a great observation and so true: RT @drflanders: One thing I learned tonight: Big data ought to help give patients BIG VOICE #hcldr”

“Somehow, I do believe patient voices at more prominent places in the conversation is the only way to change the status quo re trials. #lcsm”

“Research and treatment ARE two different things but when limited treatment options available, shouldn't patients have some input? #lcsm”

“RT @margaretaindc (@fastercures): Bringing patient perspective into how we think of risk-benefit is critical-Commissioner Hamburg #PhRMA14”

“Unless asked, "What do you think I should do?" best to keep thoughts to yourself. #Cancer patients often on info overload. Listening=best.”

share those moments

share those moments

This is my "baby" - @shareTmoment: Love your help: -compiling *patient/partner* perspectives re: sex & #cancer #bcsm

“Tweet support is great. Doing right thing for patients is better. @ValueOptions, #StopTheSpin #mentalillness”

“RT @patientslikeme: @chemobrainfog You're invited- PatientsLikeMe looking for patient researchers ”

W4CS Radio - The Cancer Support Network

W4CS Radio - The Cancer Support Network

RT @cancerradio 2:00 ET M:CancerSOS Tu:Advocacy Heals U W:CaregivingSOS Th:Treatment SOS F:The Literate Patient

“Housing without services is not the answer. Hospitalization not the answer. Patients often return worse than when they left. #mentalillness”

“Play nicely. Visiting mom-you know, the metastatic breast cancer patient. Her b'day is tomorrow. Family celebration today #talkpink #bcsm”

“THIS! RT @patientspatents: RT @ResearchAmerica: Patient advocacy plays a key role in helping medical #innovation progress #WFFC14”

“Waiting for medications to be approved? @ExpressRxHelp @USScript - Stop getting between doctor/patient #NeedMyMeds”

“.@ExpressRxHelp Just letting you know refusing pain meds prescribed to a metastatic cancer patient is NOT cool. #NeedMyMeds”

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