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“I'm presenting @ePatCon2014 #Patient #advocates: Tell me why we r essential on team-bench to bedside. Want all voices”

“Happy I'll be there, too!! "@wegohealth: Discuss patient empowerment @ePatCon2014! @wegohealth will be there! "”

“Shame on staff at St Luke-Roosevelt #NYC hospital-being disrespectful/unkind to surgical patient. Family understood English. #PatientsFirst”

“There's lots to discuss regarding how patients can enhance entire paradigm. Journals tip of iceberg. We need to be invited. #f1000talks”

“I am going to go back through the tweets to see if there are questions I missed so I can answer from patient pov! #f1000talks”

“Let advocates help.We can speak "medical" and "patient" we can help others understand how to decipher to make their best choice #f1000talks”

Patients participate in peer review for funding, prepare lay abstract before research begins, why close us out of results? #f1000talks”

“We can register as a patient or caregiver and will be emailed a PDF of study publication for personal use. #f1000talks”

“I am fortunate to be in a community that has pushed for patients at the table-invited to science meetings! #f1000talks”

“3/3 As a result, patient may be less likely to adhere to medication schedule required for efficacy. #f1000talks”

“2/3 Researchers generally look from medical point of view but patient may find well-tolerated s/e debilitating #f1000talks”

“There may be items that seem insignificant to journalist so it's not mentioned. From patient perspective, could be important. #f1000talks”

“I have go-to group of experts who see VALUE of patient collaboration. I listen. I want to learn, have deeper understanding #f1000talks”

#F1000Talks: patient advocacy & accurate scientific information

#F1000Talks: patient advocacy & accurate scientific information

Thrilled to participate: @F1000 tweetchat Thurs 1PM ET. Topic patient advocacy/accurate research info: #F1000Talks

“Specific to #mentalillness, if there was a better system of care for patients, I suspect there would be far less burnout. #mhstigma”

“Do patients burnout? From the outside looking in, definitely yes. #mhstigma”

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TY @ShimCode for sharing slides on Big Data: My patient group @AACR SSP13 was tasked w/doing presentation on same!

“Truly honored! @ePatCon2014: Special thx @LisaCourtade @chemobrainfog for co-chairing patient-industry event #ePatcon”

“True collaboration requires #openaccess for patient-advocates: #hcsm”


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