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Entrepreneurs for Cures

Entrepreneurs for Cures

Have an app to increase patient participation in research? @fastercures wants to hear from you: Pitch it at #P4C2014

“Go! RT @regrounding: .@Access_MRI We are well-educated PATIENTS. What good can come of berating us? cc: @chemobrainfog @AdamsLisa #bcsm”

“Pharma has to follow very specific rules to use social media. We, as patients, perhaps need to lead the change to regulations. #ePatCon”

“Community Advisory Board doesn't have a patient on it, but it will when she returns :) K Hutchens #ePatCon”

“Doctors "terrified" of messaging app, found patients to be very respectful, not texting messages 24/7. K Hutchens #ePatCon”

“Love the use of technology @sharphealthcare - patient monitoring by info being sent from scales/bp cuffs to providers. #ePatCon”

“Kathy Hutchens up now talking about how to engage the connected patient and communication channels. #ePatCon Sharp Rees-Stealy”

“To all my advocate buddies, I'm going to be presenting in about an hour. All about bringing patients to the table, too - YIKES #ePatCon”

“Love this presentation. Clinical trials save lives. Patients often willing, don't know where to find them. Sometimes too late. #ePatCon”

“How do patients get information about clinical trials? Rojas Shire Trials. #ePatCon”

“Nicole Rojas on streamlining clinical trial search - Making it more patient friendly, put patient at center. #ePatCon”

“Jaimie Mattson @Medtronic showing the summit that brought patients, caregivers, clinicians together from INCEPTION. #ePatCon "Huge value"”

“We need to have regulatory agency with all regulated industries at the table WITH patients to change the present paradigm. #ePatCon”

“"We don't really have a direct channel to patients" @Medtronic #regulation is an issue. #ePatCon”

“Kicking off day 2, Jaimie Mattson @Medtronic on what she refers to as "connected care" -- patients, pharma, device mfrs, clinicians #ePatCon”

“First #cancer olympics, now #meeting show down? So much respect for #MedX-all my fav ppl there! #ePatCon-diff purpose & patients r included”

“Very gr8ful @wegohealth and @ExLPharma for inviting me to present/co-chair at this event. Nice balance of patients/provider/pharma #ePatCon”

“As digitalization grows, have to find ways to maintain personalization. Don't make patient feel like just a number. @lolabellaquin #ePatCon”

“AGREE! RT @Cascadia: In order to innovate you often need small dedicated group of atypical end users / patients at table#ePatCon #MedX”

“RT @dsgold: @teaminspire @wegohealth - Do you/someone you know take Aggrenox®? @hitlab looking 4 patients 4 study. ”

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