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“ My kids like the Ice Age movies. I don't.

We are watching Ice Age.”

JoshDarnit's post on Vine

JoshDarnit's post on Vine

Kids are bullies. Especially over donuts.

“There's a new daycare in Brownsburg called "Kidz Korner." Yes, let's do that. Let's teach our kids how to incorrectly spell simple words.”

“The kids learned all about the Statue of Liberty this morning. Thanks Ghostbusters 2.”

“It's not worth watching Bond movies with kids. They ask way too many questions.”

“Driving through Knightbridge, parents holding their kids' hands on the walk to school. Touching scene given what's going on in Boston.”

“Watching @reds game & told the kids they're playing the #Pirates. Kids are now pretending to be pirates. Worse than watching w/ an AL fan.”

“My big takeaway from kids' birthday parties? Knowing which kids I never want at my house.”

“I think anybody who thought American Idiot was a loud show doesn't have kids.”

“My kids are now better than me at some video games. THAT'S humbling.”

Is it OK for Mom and Dad to Pay for Your Cell Phone? - TheStreet

Is it OK for Mom and Dad to Pay for Your Cell Phone? - TheStreet

"29% of parents of 18- to 35-year-old children continue to pay their cell phone bill after their kids move out."

“You tweet about your kids singing to Digital Underground & then you get followed by @HumptyFunk.”

“Few parenting joys as great as your kids singing along to Humpty Dance in the back seat. "Grab them in the biscuits" might stick.”

Kids are pathetic whistlers.”

“One day we'll all be able to tell our kids stories about when Adam Sandler, Steve Carell & Jim Carrey were actually funny.”

“ Son: I don't want to watch Spider-Man. I want to watch the Barbie movie.

Kids say such mean things.”

“Had lunch with my daughter today. My kids might be annoying but yours are more annoying.... figuratively speaking.”

Is Facebook Destroying the American College Experience?

Is Facebook Destroying the American College Experience?

Interesting thought on how Facebook could be tainting the college experience before kids get there.

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