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“You can buy Google Glass or you can save your money, and I can call you a nerd right now for free.”

“People who use medicated lip balm: stop kissing broken glass.”

“When I'm thirsty for comedy, I reach for a cool, refreshing glass of @MJMcKean #FF *sips* Mmm. That tastes funny.”

“If you're not sure if the glass is half-full or half-empty, knock it over.”

“...Like the children who all gather & then tap on the glass/They're all bored & stare off like the eeeeye of the tiger!”

“RT @ebrawley: Hello, I'm waiter, I'll be your Walter tonight. Wait, the other way around. Sorry, first day. Care for a glass of Walter? Ooh boy ok”

“Annie Lennox sure makes walking on broken glass sound whimsical.”

“RT @Hadzilla: People that live in glass houses are plants and not people”

“"Click star. No, don't post the words. Select star. You're still writing what I say. Close Twitter." - future posts using Google Glass

“RT @desi_princess: Some restaurants are so nice! They leave glass jars of free money up front by the register.”

“Google glass seems weird, but I bet it'll take off. They laughed at the first guy to wear a monocle. Mostly because his name was Prudence.”

“You'll have OJ? Will that be a small (thimble), medium (shot glass) or large (the whole fruit in its peel with $7 written on it in marker)?”

“One good way to tell if a glass is half full or half empty is to knock it over.”

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