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“ I love that @site5 has a server in their fleet named bacon.


“ Just a matter of time until brands started posting commercials to Instagram I suppose.

/facepalm #hashtag

What the f*&^% is a #hashtag?

What the f*&^% is a #hashtag?

What the f*&^% is a #hashtag?

“ Yo dawg, I heard you like #hashtags, so we put some #hashtags in yo #hashtags.


“ Why would you tell me you got hashtags on Facebook at Google Plus?

My eyes crossed. I swear, they really did.”

“ Zzzzzz


“ The Oscars sure are all about the Twitters tonight.

Trying a little to hard I think.


“ Lots of slow singing tonight on the #grammys.

Nothing funny, just pointing out my observation.

Also, #hashtag

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