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“Archdiocese appeals Derby priest abuse case - Connecticut Postings #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“BBC News - Polish priest Wesolowski may be extradited in sex abuse case #Christianity #Catholicism

“Former Pekin youth pastor charged in child sex case - "aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child under age 13" - Pekin, IL #Christianity #GlobalAbuseSystem”

“Salman Khan denied relief by SC in blackbuck case - The Times of India ”

“Archdiocese: Michigan priest 'negligent' in sex abuse case for not quickly notifying police | News - Home #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“Laxmi Vilas hotel case may scare bureaucracy, Arun Shourie says - The Times of India #CorruptIndia”

“It's "realty firm" vs villagers in Mangar encroachment case - The Times of India ”

“Tatra truck deal case: Court orders Tejinder Singh be taken into custody - The Times of India #CorruptIndia”

“The Bizarre Case Of Undercover Cops Who Allegedly Had Long-Term Relationships With Women They Were Spying On | Business Insider India ”

“Keep CBI chief Ranjit Sinha off 2G case, NGO tells Supreme Court - The Times of India #CorruptIndia”

“Evidence of Vatican complicity in sex-abuse case highlights global pattern documented by The News | Dallas Morning News #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“Coal allocation case: Companies try to work out next course of action | The Indian Express #CorruptIndia”

“Puerto Rican Catholic Priest Pleads Guilty In Abuse Case | Fox News Latino #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“Sankararaman case: AG against appeal - The Hindu ”

“Police misplace case diaries in Salman Khan hit-and-run case | Business Standard News #CorruptIndia”

“Puerto Rico Priest Pleads Guilty in Abuse Case - ABC News #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“"This is a case in which the priest held a press conference to call his victim a liar" #Christianity #Catholicism #GlobalChildAbuseSystem”

“Salman Khan hit and run case: Original statement, documents missing : Movies, News - India Today #Bollywood #CorruptIndia”

“Salman Khan hit-and-run case: After statement records, case diaries vanish too #Bollywood #CorruptIndia”

“Delhi's Anti Corruption Bureau stopped from probing RIL case - Business #CorruptIndia”

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