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“RT @mehrishisumati: In the 1950s, #LalgudiJayaraman was to be first "baffled" by singing "into a microphone" at the WoraiyurAmbalTemple. Revolutionary years.”

“RT @mehrishisumati: At times young #LalgudiJayaraman would travel to the Rock Fort temple to hear the best of legends perform at the Nootukkaal Mandapam.”

“RT @mehrishisumati: Late Guru #LalgudiJayaraman to me: "In Lalgudi, #Gandhiji would sign autographs in #Tamil and would address the gatherings in Hindi."”

“RT @mehrishisumati: To catch #AIR concerts on radio, a young #LalgudiJayaraman would walk four miles to the community centre, hop over bullockcart to return.”

“RT @mehrishisumati: #LalgudiJayaraman to me: "As a child, I ran across Lalgudi to hear Gandhi, CRajagopalachari. They addressed village people from the trains."”

“RT @followthewabbit: Sorry to hear about #LalgudiJayaraman @divakarssathya a great loss for you and the music world”

To my guru, with love

To my guru, with love

To my guru, with love #LalgudiJayaraman

“Stunned and in tears at the passing of a great Indian. #LalgudiJayaraman

“Will their rigour, their sadhana, their tapasya continue ? Or will we forget ? #LalgudiJayaraman

“We gambolled in the shade of their rigour. Their sadhana. Their tapasya. Will we be the same? #LalgudiJayaraman

“We took it for granted that they'll always be around. They will, of course. #LalgudiJayaraman

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