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“Appropriating the known I Know and condemn the dastardly, racist , Harvard pseudo "researchers" and their touts | Big Think | IdeaFeed @Monteneggroll @bigthink @RajivMessage

Researchers Explore Meditation's Capacity to Treat and Reduce Migraines | Big Think | IdeaFeed @Monteneggroll @bigthink

“Israeli Researchers Find Foolproof Method for Diagnosing ADHD | Washington Free Beacon ”

“Stonehenge researchers discover site is much larger than previously thought | Science | The Guardian ”

Researchers suggest reforestation around urban areas to reduce ozone levels ”

Researchers cannibalize old car tires to avert the lithium-ion battery crisis | ExtremeTech ”

“Singapore switches on super-fast 100Gbps network for researchers - CNET ”

“Indian-origin researcher's model to empower women in IT - The Times of India ”

Researchers Isolate A Gut Microbe That Combats Food Allergies ”

“MIT Researchers Turn Used Car Batteries into Solar Cells - IEEE Spectrum ”

Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA's X-Ray Body Scanners | Threat Level | WIRED ”

Researchers reverse autism symptoms in mice by paring extra synapses - The Washington Post ”

“Irish Researchers Create Wearable Sensors Using Rubber Bands > ”

Researchers find way to hack Gmail with 92 percent success rate - CNET ”

“Bicycle lights the key to improving safety: researcher

Researchers: Users should patch critical flaw in Adobe Reader and Acrobat | PCWorld ”

Researchers Say Sharks Could Help Combat Cancer - NBC ”

“Many home routers supplied by ISPs can be compromised en masse, researchers say | PCWorld ”

“Antarctic researchers lose heating at -55 degrees ”

Researchers unravel more of Western Ghats diversity - The Hindu ”

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