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“RT @dorigo: @divakarssathya @DearSharadha Comments come from desperate believers whose focus is "hey why not?" rather than science.”

“Decline of bees and other pollinators could worsen global malnutrition | Science/AAAS | News ”

“RT @DearSharadha: Peacock feathers inspire new technology for microscopes #Science via @divakarssathya

“RT @DearSharadha: #Beauty and #Science RT @divakarssathya Butterfly wings hold secret to paint that never fades - Telegraph …”

“RT @RCdeWinter: #poetry #SupportTheArts
"how to love safely in a science fictional universe"
like a five year old's

“Men deserve everything women get: waiting periods, purity control and science-free sex education |... ”

“RT @MotherJones: Science explains why you don't have to follow bogus grammar rules ”

“Saddam Hussein -- a sincere dictator? | Science Codex ”

“RT @Stelygs: The essential Art of Science,
and of the unity underlying reality.
Leonardo da Vinci ~ ”

Tech News, Reviews & Tips |

Tech News, Reviews & Tips |

The 3D printed living bandage that could revolutionize skin grafts | Science! |

Nano Self Assembly and 21st Century Spirituality | Science and Nonduality -

Nano Self Assembly and 21st Century Spirituality | Science and Nonduality -

RT @DearSharadha: Terrific article! The nano dimension and how it brings together #science and #spirituality

“Japan's whaling has produced more sushi than science | Howard C. Rosenbaum and Susan Lieberman | Environment | ”

“Yes, it's official, men are from Mars and women from Venus, and here's the science to prove it - Telegraph ”

Science losing out to 'men are from Mars and women from Venus' myth - Telegraph ”

“The missing women of Indian science - Hindustan Times ”

“The eminent scholar and author @RajivMessage has extensively documented that "mindfulness" meditation is a pirated and relabeled version of India's vipassana meditation science 1| @ScienceRecorder @CarnegieMellon @CMU_DietrichHSS @PresMomentMind @Monteneggroll @bigthink

“@BBC_Future - Can meditation help prevent the effects of ageing? - Eastern "traditions" "a world away" from Western "science" !!! cc @Monteneggroll @bigthink @RajivMessage

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