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“German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death |  via @vkvk77 @IntegralUnity

“Isro scientist becomes first Indian tourist to go to edge of space - Hindustan Times ”

“Legendary animals or invasive species? Romantics square off against scientists who want to evict Sable Island's horses | National Post ”

Scientists discover hazardous waste-eating bacteria | The University of Manchester ”

“Kolkata scientists rewrite Earth's evolutionary history books - The Times of India ”

Scientists sniffing out the Western allergy epidemic - Why so many of "us" (sic) are developing allergies - ”

“Indian-American scientist Shiva Ayyadurai invented email 32 years ago - The Times of India @Liberationtech

Scientists Develop Technology That Can Get Travelers From Shanghai to San Francisco in Two Hours | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building ”

“Diabetes could be cured as scientists find cause of disease - Telegraph ”

“Indian scientists find a ‘wonder herb' - Rhodiola rosea - in the high Himalayas - can mitigate the effects of gamma radiation - The Times of India ”

Scientists say Himalayan herb is modern-day (sic) sanjeevani - The Hindu ”

Scientists fabricate defect-free graphene, set record reversible capacity for Co3O4 anode in Li-ion batteries ”

Scientists develop a water splitter that runs on an ordinary AAA battery - "splits water into oxygen and hydrogen gas" - ”

“Exciting breakthrough as Indian scientists 'turn plastic into petrol and diesel' | Mail Online ”

“Ebola could be a result of biological warfare: Scientist from DRDO - The Times of India ”

“World's largest swarm of robots created by Harvard scientists: Now, what can they do? : FUTURE TECH : Tech Times ”

Scientists made a laser that can detect explosives from half a mile away | The Verge ”

“Major mathematics awards to two Indian origin scientists Manjul Bhargava and Subhash Khot - The Hindu ”

“14-year-old scientist Trisha Prabhu's 'Rethink' project makes trolls think twice before hitting 'send' | The Verge ”

“Women In STEM: Lego Release New Female Scientist Toy Set ”

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