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“ Dear Entrepreneurs and Investors,

Team team team team team team team TEAM TEAM TEAM!

Kyle :)”

“If the #1 risk of a seed stage startup is future talent (it is), then why don't more investors ask specific questions about talent strategy?”

“The problem with the missionary vs. mercenary divide is that the latter are great at investor deception, and the former refuse to do it.”

“RT @agentFin: Investors, are you selecting for tanks, or just the color of the sky? Pattern recognition via/ @andrewhyde @women2

“ Entrepreneurs: Trust the market and your ability to become fluent in its past, present, and future.

Investors: Trust your entrepreneurs.”

“Mechanical investors don't belong at the early stage unless they're running on a large dataset. You can't measure early stage brand equity.”

“Some investors are out there all day investing in any snake oil with a usage ramp, then wonder at night why their portfolios keep failing.”

“But the problem isn't with the startups, but the investors who are creating the absurd incentive to do so.

“If I were investing in early stage companies, I'd be a lot less complacent about the founders than any investors I've met.”

Bloomberg, Top Tech Investors Plan Virtual March For Immigration

Bloomberg, Top Tech Investors Plan Virtual March For Immigration

RT @davemcclure: RT @TechCrunch: NYC MayorBloomberg, Top Tech Investors Plan Virtual #MarchForImmigration cc @500startups

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