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“RT @almightygod: My command to Pope Francis and his Church: Sell all you have and give it to the poor. ”

“RT @sup3rmark: Two weeks of no pope: baby cured of HIV, breath test for cancer, salt water found on moon of Jupiter. Day one with pope: Google Reader dies.”

“Apparently there's a new pope. I can't think of anything more irrelevant to life.”

“RT @JohnFugelsang: PREDICTION: the new Pope will be a rightwing fundamentalist who puts the teachings of Jesus below the hangups of dead guys.”

“RT @RALindsay: If cardinals are inspired by God in their election of a pope, why isn't the election unanimous? Does God enjoy teasing the cardinals?”

“RT @isaacinspace: Best wishes to ex-Pope Benedict. May he still find a way to spread his message of love & humility without any palaces thrones or helicopters”

“RT @frankieboyle: The Pope must have done something even the Church finds unacceptable. I'm guessing he's shagged an adult woman.”

“RT @JohnFugelsang: With this resignation #Pope Benedict has now created exactly one more new job than the entire GOP Congress.”

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