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“The @ManUtd Android app has an update. I hope the team has an update before Burnley MK Dons us tomorrow. ”

“RT @WSJ: In June 2014, the median income of iPhone users was $85,000 vs. $61,000 for Android users. ”

“The Droid took the ALS #IceBucketChallenge @Android

“Which app (Android or iOS) do you use to track your TV shows?”

“Toyota's new infotainment system centers around the Nexus 7 - Android Authority ”

“M-PESA Cost Calculator Android app has been updated to reflect the new tariffs ”

“Facebook Messenger permissions scare debunked | Android Central ”

“Also, looks like Facebook is all over this Android Wear vibe. First Whatsapp added Wear support two days ago. Now Messenger. Instagram?”

“We no longer have "analysts" telling us how Android is doomed because iOS users browse more than Android users. It was all doom 2 yrs ago.”

“So everyone is going the Mobile Nations way of doing "deals" (selling device accessories). Started with Pocketnow and now Android Authority.”

“This Android app is the closest I'll ever come to using silly apps like Yo, Sligshot, Snapchat and Bolt. ”

“One of the best eBook readers on #Android, Moon+ Reader Pro goes for half the price today on the Play Store. ”

“12m for a wedding? Unless that girl has Android in her lady parts...”

Android Wear already has a launcher, a browser, a file manager, a custom recovery and is rooted. Seriously? You need all that on a watch?”

Twitter / kiruti: The new Google Play update ...

Twitter / kiruti: The new Google Play update ...

RT @kiruti: The new Google Play update has brought the Android L Material UI design. Sweet

“MIUI is the most familiar of interfaces after stock Android, TouchWiz and Sense thanks to a very vibrant ROM modding community.”

“The pirated Modern Combat 5 making rounds on the internet is not for Android but, wait for it, IOS! Wow. Yet the naysayers say? Plot twist.”

Twitter / _nARISHa_: Peek on Paranoid android. Really ...

Twitter / _nARISHa_: Peek on Paranoid android. Really ...

RT @_nARISHa_: Peek on Paranoid android. Really awesome. CV @echenze

“The latest update to MusicXMatch on Android makes the app indispensable. I like the Floating Lyrics feature. Cool”

“RT @tomwarren: It certainly *looks* like Ballmer wanted Nokia just to protect Windows Phone and avoid them going Android

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