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“There's nothing really revolutionary about Apple Watch. Probably that's one bit of Apple we'll never ever see or hear about again. Jobs”

“If another company like say Samsung or LG or Asus or Sony made the Apple Watch, it would've been called out for what it is: just another...”

“RIP: The Apple iPod, 2001-2014 ”

“Is this is the beginning of the end for Apple? ”

Apple is 3 years late to Android's party, but does it matter? ”

“It's just that no one wants to say it. Last night's event had nothing exciting. I miss the Apple of 2010/11. Only Apple Pay was a wow.”

“1334 x 750 pixels. Only Apple can pull such”

“RT @katiefehren: Apple Watch. Insanely dramatic. Bloggers tear apart chairs and faint in the room. Someone ate Tim Cook.”

“RT @AirlineFlyer: Oh, burn! RT @robertscheib: The Apple Watch looks like Samsung made it.”

“RT @MKBHD: Apple Watch. Unapologetically square. ”

“RT @BenedictEvans: Looks like Apple has resurrected the Sony jog dial.”

“RT @ahmedsalims: "@wgkantai: Yaani Apple has no surprises nowadays? We knew about all these products months ago!" It went with Steve”

“RT @thurrott: Apple had to make a watch so they could have a product with a tiny screen like the previous iPhones.”

“RT @MisterAlbie: Smh RT @UnderscoreBrian: Ati 85k? Heri ninunue shamba nipande apples zenyewe.”

“RT @AirlineFlyer: iWatch is so different for Apple. They never jump on the bandwagon just as everyone else is. This will be a real Android vs. Apple fight!”

“RT @MasterCard: We're excited to work with Apple to help enable easy, secure & private #MobilePayments with #ApplePay. #AppleLive”

“"@48tweetsofpower: Do not build fortresses to protect yourself. Isolation is dangerous." cc Apple

“So Apple just launched a phone that is taller than @JoeWMuchiri. Issorait #TimeToUpgrade”

“The Samsung Galaxy S4 had a barometer. Could measure humidity too. Every high end Galaxy after that has had it. Apple has invented that.”

Apple just couldn't livestream the event on YouTube. Google's you know. SMH. The stream on its site was pure crap.”

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