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“RT @katiefehren: Apple Watch. Insanely dramatic. Bloggers tear apart chairs and faint in the room. Someone ate Tim Cook.”

“One of my fave quotes from Anand: "Do you want to be just another tech blogger, or do you want to change the world?"”

Bloggers who can't look past their MACBOOKS. Sucks.”

“LOL. Even you West Africans? "@mizta_Atabo_idu: Very soon bloggers would take over our trends and we have nothing meaningful again."”

“RT @kijanafulani: Sasa bloggers waliiba (aggregate) content ya KOT, even the creative guys stopped churning great tweets! Sasa kila mtu ni fan wa futa..”

“Seeing many of your tweets from last night chastising Madowo for bringing on that blogger instead of Ms Oduor...”

“Those engineers at 1 Infinite Loop must be laughing every morning when they see how tech bloggers go bonkers over random tests they do.”

“On call in the office. Also want to be in the other side of town for bloggers' event. Let's see how this one goes.”

“Forget what your nearest fruit blogger says/thinks. The iPhone won't be a hit on China Mobile. Not with those ridiculous prices.”

“'How Microsoft should roll out the new CEO.' Bad English aside, tech bloggers have nerves. Really? How they should do it? SMH”

“Fat bloggers in 2014 "@martingicheru Some of my clothes shrinked over the holidays."”

“Waiting to see what all the know-it-all/we-hate-S-apps bloggers will write about Pebble's move to have its own app store.”

“Oh dear Lord what happened to tech bloggers? Can't believe some list I just read. Ok, maybe its past my sleeping time.”

Twitter / echenze: Tech bloggers. SMH ...

Twitter / echenze: Tech bloggers. SMH ...

Tech bloggers. SMH

“Seen some blogger hating on the new Galaxy Grand 2's faux leather plastic back. Hates the Note 3's too. You can never impress everyone.”

“I wonder what Apple bloggers will be using to bash Android tablets with in coming years. Re: New Play Store.”

“Dear tech bloggers, sometimes it pays to ask for confirmation before going all "thermonuclear" on a story. Re: Galaxy Gear sales.”

“RT @mountainous: So when will the media council going to start training and registering bloggers? We can hardly wait to be regulated.......... Ha”

“So now MCK has something bigger than bloggers to worry about right?”

“RT @BrianSHall: Gotta love Apple bloggers. With iPad tablet share falling, they redefine both "share" and "tablet".”

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