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“"@Numakush: Holy christ am I in church?" Grace Chapel is closed at this hour I suppose.”

“RVP or no RVP. I may be wrong but niko huko mbele ya church nikiimba hymn 999: Next Season.”

“Her church elders must've cursed her for that dress she wore at #TPF6 finale "@amtheCollonel: Ati Ruth Matete has gone conje-kinda crazy?"”

“RT @causticbob: Sign by a road outside a church: Honk if you love Jesus. Grafitti added below: Text while driving if you wish to meet Him.”

“RT @TheFactsBook: There is a "Church of Google" that believes Google is the closest humans have come to encountering God, and that Google is a she.”

“Thank God there's no kupanda mbegu nonsense in my church. Total exploitation by people who should be helping us.”

“Visited my home church today. Not been there for a good one year. What being away from home for long does to you. Changed place. New priest”

“Woot woot RT @maktejah Penye weh huwalambia "@_Kilunda_: bigwigs wamesema church ni wapi leo?"”

“Kuna ubaya? hehe "@Double_G_TV: Lol! U guy, naskia u used to lead church service back in highschool??!! @echenze mtu Reverend Chenze!"”

“Now that I'm from church and I've got nothing interesting to tweet can't I just request the NSA to tweet for me?”

“Kanisa 2.0 #DigitalTimes » Church allows faithful to swipe their tithe ”

“Got to my local church late today and missed the Palm Sunday procession. Still regretting why I missed out. First time in over 10 years.”

“RT @ChardGN: Church is not a museum for good people, it's a hospital for the broken.

- @mavunomashariki [No Religion]”

Pope Francis wants 'Church for poor'

Pope Francis wants 'Church for poor'

RT @GabrielDolan1: BBC News - Pope Francis wants 'poor Church for the poor' That is good news for all who concerned with social justice

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