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“RT @Vidahxz: In a country where hunger still bites, discussion on gay rights is irrelevant. #CheckPoint”

“RT @NationFMKe: #BREAKING IOC bars athletes from Ebola-hit countries from some Youth Olympics events”

“Instagram's new app Bolt is live on the Play Store. Says here that it is not available in my country. Gotta find it ”

“Xiaomi's current market focus is still a few countries in South East Asia and is just expanding to India and neighbouring countries.”

“RT @Nhlaxxx: I wish there was a train that connected all african countries like the one they have in europe. That road trip could be awesome”

“Wow "@Fact: The Netherlands are closing eight prisons across their country because of lack of crime."”

“RT @SirAlexStand: ed Woodward on MUTV said that Man United do more direct business in more countries than McDonalds #mufc”

“RT @PCarrESPN: Germany is the first European country to win a World Cup in the Americas. #GER”

“LMAO "@GarethBale22: If my country got knocked out by Greece at the World Cup, I'd be revoking my passport and moving to Tajikistan."”

“Interesting to note that it is not Kenya alone, Nokia is withholding release plans for its Lumia 2520 tablet in many more countries.”

“The worst Samsung unlocked device firmwares are those meant for countries like Guatemala. They lots of Claro stuff that you don't need.”

“Raiders "@FactHive: 90% of the world's countries have been invaded by Britain at some point in history."”

“So those with Gear in Kenya, what region's firmware does your device run? There's no region specific firmware for all African countries.”

“Obviously I will never back the withdrawal of African countries from the ICC. No, you can't feed me that propaganda.”

“Btw Kenya is up next in the GSIII firmware updates list. Next batch should see .Ke folks getting the update way before 150+ other countries

“Guys in almost all of Eastern Europe can't access Google Play devices too. Some in Western and Central countries too are locked out.”

“RT @gabrieloguda: Where is the list of countries Al Bashir can't visit? Share it with @UKenyatta, please. Thanks.”

“Unlike some other countries where some citizens can be described as "insignificant" even in death. Sorry, that's the truth. Accept & move on”

“Every right-minded country will go all out to protect its citizens so there is no need to be mad at the Americans.”

“RT @Ntongai_: People say the US is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and therefore Kenya should also withdraw. Compare the 2 countries judiciaries.”

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