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“The death of the original jumbo jet, Boeing's 747-400 ”

“RT @UKenyatta: I mourn the death of Dr. Njoroge Mungai, a freedom fighter, veteran politician, former Cabinet Minister & one of Kenya's greatest physicians”

“Hahahaha. "Oh no! Who is gonna tell us about the death of Nexus line now!?"”

“Comment on Daily Mail on ISIS: If these guys are really annoyed at Saddams death will they be coming after Blair? LOL”

Twitter / FootballFunnys: Group of Death.

Twitter / FootballFunnys: Group of Death.

RT @BaronKimaru: LQTM
RT @FootballFunnys: Group of Death.

“RT @HayleyMcQueen: Gosh, So, Costa Rica now top the group of death, ahead of 3 former World Cup winners.”

“RT @KeepingtheLeith: I love how the west refers to the death toll in #Syria - did they keep track of how many Iraqis they killed from 2003-2010?”

“RT @UmpiantuJR: so sad 2 see a former housemate on tv not bcoz of fame but his death! RIP James Mugane Muturi”

“The tileboys are really rooting (no pun) for the Nokia X. The Nokia fanboys hate it to death. LOL.”

“RT @Fact: Don't be afraid of death, be afraid of an unlived life.”

“Reading coastal papers. Apparently Karisa Maitha is still the most popular coastal leader nine years after his death as per a survey.”

“RT @danaceda: Think about this a little. No one spoke about the death of those students. But everyone is talking about the riot. This is the problem.”

“Smart killer "@TheFacts1O1: The death of Chris Benoit's wife was actually written on Wikipedia fourteen hours before the bodies were found."”

“Ha! No, passing Motorola which has been on it death bed till this year is not an achievement.”

“Some bios should have this warning: I'll bore you to death with some useless tweets about a useless nobody-cares-about platform. Yawn”

“Unlike some other countries where some citizens can be described as "insignificant" even in death. Sorry, that's the truth. Accept & move on”

“RT @iTweetFacts: The "Walking Dead" crew helped out with the special effects for Gus Fring's death in the #BreakingBad episode "Face Off."”

“RT @E_githu: Once you shoot and kill a child you deserve so much worse. A slow painful death

A Long Fall for Taiwan Smartphone Maker

A Long Fall for Taiwan Smartphone Maker

HTC is dying a slow death >> A Long Fall for Taiwan Smartphone Maker cc @AbuyasLife

“"@Kahush: So Microsoft buys Nokia's handset business. Hmm...Blue Screens of Death." LOL”

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