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“RT @BenBajarin: The WW average of time spent on the internet by device type. PC = 4.8 hrs and via a mobile device = 2.1 hrs.”

“A quick look at some device sales sites in Norway confirms that indeed there are some Xperia Z1 f devices in the country.”

Central Park Robbery Victim: Robber Didn't Want My Cell Phone

Central Park Robbery Victim: Robber Didn't Want My Cell Phone

Not even thieves would mug you of your old LG Quantum WP device with a slider keyboard. They're brighter than that

“Wow. So the introduction of BBM on Android had a significant and visible impact on the Nigerian device market. Samsung must've seen that.”

“Nothing screams mushaina more than those devices in shops that are just labelled 'Android phone' or 'Android tablet'.”

“ LOL "@The_Mentalyst: Unhooking a bra?

Are y'all talking about rooting a Sony Ericsson device? Shiiiid be complex."”

“You can hate on the Huawei Ascend Mate all you want until you hold one. Device is cool. Especially the black one.”

“Never mind that the Nexus S is a very dated device that even Google dropped support for long ago. Sigh. Mashida za kukosa Play Store sales.”

“If I manage to pull through without ever missing my droids much then I'll permanently keep a WP device alongside my green robots.”

“One of my plans in the coming year is to go a whole month using just a Windows Phone device so that I can see how I can survive in the wild.”

“There are still some good, honest businessmen in this city full of conmen. Like the guy I usually get my device accessories from. Salute Sir”

“Made some progress on something I've been working on about the Intel Yolo device.”

“The worst Samsung unlocked device firmwares are those meant for countries like Guatemala. They lots of Claro stuff that you don't need.”

“Never flash East Asian Samsung firmwares on any device. They have the ugliest widgets that you can't do away with.”

“All those sweet #BlackFriday deals on devices and we are locked thanks to living in Narnia. Issorait”

“That's why those are just rumours. Like the guys who've been foreseeing a flagship Tizen device replacing Android powered Galaxy S's. Nop.”

“Reasons why that company will continue being in trouble. "@Edu_exe: The new HTC midrange devices are still expensive"”

“Put a new ROM on my device last night. New MK1 base. Time to restore all my data before the MUFC game later in the evening.”

“So what do you tell someone who wants to root their Windows Mobile 6.1 device? For heaven's sake the device already has native fs access.SMH”

“I'd rather take 2 months and miss out on a deadline than submit something to be read by the masses that I've hardly used/known (devices).”

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