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“RT @Mwirigi: @NairobiWP 1536 individual ROMs for one OS update for 20 or so devices. @echenze be like... @mmnjug @IamGnX

“To me, IFA 2014 is another name for Samsung Galaxy Note 4. My objectivity is lost on this one but that's the only device I've waited for.”

“RT @KrzysztofBryk: KitKat update for LTE variant of GALAXY S3 is just around the corner. Start baking up your devices!”

“I hope the device lives up to the reputation of not leaving prior to launch like the 3 Galaxy Note models before it.”

“Yes Xiaomi has aped Apple in design (its last two devices, smartphone and tab are rip-offs) but that doesn't mean MIUI too is a rip off.”

“2.5% marketshare and 60% of that is a $150 device. There's work.”

“Someone commented on this article [] saying guys who wanted dual SIM WP devices weren't MSFT's targets. SMH. Fanboys”

“RT @NokiaEastAfrica: Starting Today all our users can insure their devices through our partners Kenya Orient #WindowsPhoneKe”

“So everyone is going the Mobile Nations way of doing "deals" (selling device accessories). Started with Pocketnow and now Android Authority.”

“With its well specced but very fairly priced devices, you can only imagine what will happen when it goes mainstream in Europe.”

“At the Lumia 520's price, any other device from the other big names is a joke. They can't compare. Rip offs if I'm allowed to go far.”

“What will stop Kenyans from rushing for similar devices but priced at anything between Ksh 9,000 and Ksh 16,000?”

“When you look at the Canvas phones Micromax is selling in India and then similarly priced devices locally you realize why this is happening.”

“RT @lukew: Abandonables:
noun 1. computing devices you bought but never use.”

“Samsung's Android Wear device is the Gear Live. Available for pre-order from today on the Play Store #io14”

“Android Wear devices will be always on...”

“System images for Nexus devices available tomorrow #Android #io14”

“Personal locking. Device automatically determines if it's you using it or a stranger and lock/unlock #Android #io14”

“A Micromax device. Karbonn and Spice also part of Android One. #io14”

“How do Symbian devices handle push notifications? That's the best implementation ever.”

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