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“Nothing stolen will ever work out. Starting with elections.”

“Sorry MU guys, the elections fiasco interfered with this weekend's Google bootcamp program. There's nothing much we can do. Rescheduled”

Elections nullified. All the 3+ hours I spent queueing were in vain. Fuck Tribalism”

“Big day is here. #Elections #MoiUniversity #MUSO”

“Ok RAO, write a book documenting your side of the story. In it talk of the 2007 bungled elections and the 2013 "mess". I would buy it.”

“RT @kenyanscribe: #KenyansDidYouKnow At least Sh26M was used by public institutions to send congratulatory messages to President Kenyatta after the elections

“Lack of content after elections RT @arnoldnyakundi: Why is size 8 being saved, newsworthy complete with prime time interview...”

“RT @ThatguyDavy: We cant blame Ugandans for having M7 still in power till now. Because during elections, its either you vote for him or your vote is spoilt.”

Hashtag memes: Breaking the single story through humour

Hashtag memes: Breaking the single story through humour

RT @kijanafulani: Twitter memes for Kenya's elections reflect a growing global tren: Use of internet humour to amplify a popular voice.

“LOL RT @CapitalFM_kenya: Abdullahi: Raila must have a screensaver that reads "elections have been stolen" for the past couple of elections

“As my keyboard sees the best of me. Having rested since the elections, it's time to clear my workload. Next week will be bad. Damn”

“RT @iDaywa: So? The IEC of South Africa commissioned Accenture, Microsoft, DataCentrix, Vircom & Hewlett Packard, for their election process.”

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