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“Troll "@GiddyLfc: Stoke City have won this season but their fans are silent . Unlike some people."”

“RT @ManUtdUpdates_: Manchester United fans chant: "Put him on a plane, bring him back from Spain, Viva Ronaldo." #MUFC”

“RT @sharzysharz: "@SamWallaceIndy: Phil Dowd slips and falls over. MUFC fans sing: 'Are you Gerrard in disguise?'" Lol”

“RT @awesomehabibi: Welcome back to Twitter Manchester United fans. We missed you.😊”

“RT @LordKelvin273: I'm just here waiting for arsenal fans to tell me which wins I should celebrate.”

“RT @RamzZy_: Why are Arsenal fans mad tho? I don't see any Chelsea or Liverpool bagas hating. Y'all some angry birds. 😂”

“RT @Aleza_: Arsenal fans yapping and they just one point above us smh”

“RT @Ntongai_: WOW!! How many Grammys have Chelsea fans won?? "@NourAgha: United's singing is painful, feels more like they're yelling instead"”

“RT @FootballFunnys: BREAKING - The new #iPhone6Plus will have a bigger screen so Manchester United fans can see their team on the Premier League table!!”

“RT @Costalisation: United fans really think they are going to sign Di Maria.......wooow”

“RT @philmcnulty: Man Utd fans chanting for Januzaj again. Still no sign.”

“Give us hope then "@sitati: Manure fans celebrating Di Maria's passes as if they're goals. Hopeless fans."”

“RT @MkalaFuLL: Its usually the other fans who knows what`s happening at Man United.


“RT @draper_rob: United fans chanting ‘Argentina! Argentina!' as Di Maria messes up his first touch. Memories of Seba Veron”

“RT @Lizutd: What worries me is the naive MUFC fans who genuinely believed this squad was good enough to compete against the best just coz Moyes is gone”

“Please stop "@FootballFunnys: Man United fans expect better from Vidal in the second half.. "”

“RT @Lizutd: LOL....I accepted we have a crap squad but was labeled a "Moyes Sympathizer"....what are the fans calling for signings? LVG SYMPATHIZERS?”

“Sema bitterness "@ManUnitedTalk: Don't worry though, #MUFC fans, we have an official noodles sponsor. That's all that matters!!"”

“RT @madrids_apostle: United fans will make you believe LVG is just a wingback away from finding the cure for cancer.”

“RT @FootballFunnys: Swansea fans singing "you're getting sacked in the morning" to Van Gaal”

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