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“RT @Lizutd: What worries me is the naive MUFC fans who genuinely believed this squad was good enough to compete against the best just coz Moyes is gone”

“Please stop "@FootballFunnys: Man United fans expect better from Vidal in the second half.. "”

“RT @Lizutd: LOL....I accepted we have a crap squad but was labeled a "Moyes Sympathizer"....what are the fans calling for signings? LVG SYMPATHIZERS?”

“Sema bitterness "@ManUnitedTalk: Don't worry though, #MUFC fans, we have an official noodles sponsor. That's all that matters!!"”

“RT @madrids_apostle: United fans will make you believe LVG is just a wingback away from finding the cure for cancer.”

“RT @FootballFunnys: Swansea fans singing "you're getting sacked in the morning" to Van Gaal”

“RT @Milo_q: "@ShumiAliBegum:Watch how all the Man U fans get all cocky now"

Liverpool fans can never cocky..Do you remember last time you's won the EPL”

“RT @RafaelH117: Most modern football fans, especially children, are more keen on buying star players shirts and winning cheap arguments. It's part of it.”

“RT @Lizutd: Rory Mcllory will parade his open trophy to Manchester United fans.

Meanwhile at Arsenal,their biggest celebrity fan is Piers Morgan. Lmao”

“RT @HexHeizzy: Ways to piss Arsenal fans > "@Alloyss_: Debuchy ata hajui ball"”

Darwin Online - The Beagle Library

Darwin Online - The Beagle Library

History fans, here's every title Charles Darwin had aboard HMS Beagle that inspired his work on the evolution theory

“Really love how Chelsea fans have not been telling everyone how André Schürrle performed much better than some gooners we know at the WC.”

Twitter / SkySportNewsHD: Fanmeile! Berlin! Wahnsinn! ...

Twitter / SkySportNewsHD: Fanmeile! Berlin! Wahnsinn! ...

RT @GermanyinKenya: State of Emergency in Berlin! 400.000 fans welcome our #GER World Champions. WONDERFUL! Pic via @SkySportNewsHD

“RT @_FootballBattle: Arsenal fans,

Podolski was a substitute
Mertesacker was a substitute
Ozil was a passenger in this team

Pipe down with your gibberish.”

“I'm not supporting any team tomorrow but I just can't start imagining the TL with Arsenal fans if #GER win. CR7 fan so no Messi either. Ah!”

“😂😂 "@RedRohan4: Arsenal fans will be really pissed man , Brazilians took their fourth place lol"”

“"Nearly 200 Ghana #WorldCup fans seek asylum in Brazil" - and you wonder why that guy at US Embassy simply dismisses your application? SMH”

“RT @AzeemZMir: How big Manchester United is though, rival fans can't stop talking about us even after a World Cup semifinal. Biggest club in the world.”

“RT @Naijablogger: Can you imagine the scenes if Pele is handing over the World Cup to Messi?!? Brazilian fans will lock off the World Cup. #NEDvsARG”

Twitter / Ntongai_: Arsenal fans are making fun ...

Twitter / Ntongai_: Arsenal fans are making fun ...

RT @Ntongai_: Arsenal fans are making fun of LvG like they've never had to scramble for 4th place with Tottenham but

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