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“United is losing. My internet is crap. The universe has conspired against me.”

“RT @FactHive: Bill Clinton was the first U.S. president to hold an Internet chat in 1999.”

“My internet starts timing out just when I want to get things done. Aaargh.”

“Good internet. Finally. May everyday be like this :-)”

“Bad internet. Sigh. And I didn't ask for an Idd-ul-Fitr gift yet this is all I get. 😠😳”

“The pirated Modern Combat 5 making rounds on the internet is not for Android but, wait for it, IOS! Wow. Yet the naysayers say? Plot twist.”

“Evleaks posts a clearly fake photo. Internet goes wild with 'Sony Windows Phone coming' articles. Evleaks pulls tweet. We all feel stupid.”

“RT @_wangwe: What do women want? When will Nigeria get Internet? How was Julio Cesar not sent off? I guess we'll never know.”

“RT @WilliamAbbs: COME ON #COL. Regards, the internet.”

“Of what use is a phone when you have no internet connectivity? Apart from checking the time that is.”

The best of the internet's Suarez viral efforts

The best of the internet's Suarez viral efforts

RT @MailSport: The internet continues to BITE at Luis Suarez jokes...Jurassic Suarez!

“RT @rickkondell: When I was a kid, there was no Internet. Sometimes people would walk for miles to call me a bastard.”

“Someone on Reddit is asking if Mother Nature has stock in Gillette. Why? Pubes. Hahaha. I love the internet.”

Twitter / echenze: How to win the internet and ...

Twitter / echenze: How to win the internet and ...

How to win the internet and restore world peace (Crimea and stuff) in one sitting

“Bad internet. Sigh.”

“RT @samde_guru: fast internet over pussy @WickYYolo: Weed over pussy”

“In these days of torrenting and super fast internet connectivity and file sharing sites, how relevant is that directive?”

“RT @Bdell1014: The worst part of the internet's legacy is that it gave stupid people access to other stupid people. Who, together, decide they're smart.”

“RT @BenBajarin: The WW average of time spent on the internet by device type. PC = 4.8 hrs and via a mobile device = 2.1 hrs.”

“Why haven't I ever heard of that Kaa Uchi Primary School in Mombasa that is internet-famous? Or I frequent another Mombasa in Chile?”

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