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“SMH "@Nel_kimz: Lemmi try on my Samsung "@JoeWMuchiri: New iPhone update. Let's see what this one does.""”

“"@JoeWMuchiri: New iPhone update. Let's see what this one does." probably just a new wallpaper Apple has sent you.”

“RT @tomiahonen: true in many homes RT @asymco My first iPhone, bought seven years ago, is still in use.”

“RT @RiseForRubio: Amazing the lack of logic and utter stupid statements people make about #MH370. Like "why haven't they thought of using find my iPhone?"”

“If they were all Kenyans, buyers of the iPhone 5c would be ardent fans of Teacher Wanjiku's dead show.”

“RT @JonyIveParody: Okay, now that we've released an 8 GB iPhone 5c, people are going to finally fucking purchase it, right? RIGHT!?!?”

“RT @MKBHD: Don't buy an 8GB iPhone 5C.”

“RT @clayrussell: This iPhone Addict may have to buy an Android phone just to check out the new @pocketcasts

“Those who can afford that huge pricing already have the iPhone through other sources. Just a few more will be swayed. Empty noise.”

“Forget what your nearest fruit blogger says/thinks. The iPhone won't be a hit on China Mobile. Not with those ridiculous prices.”

“Xperia Z1 f is outselling the iPhone in Japan. Hope Samsung, HTC and everyone else interested in making "mini" phones are taking notes.”

“Overpriced junk "@martingicheru: Wait, did the iPhone 5c go into oblivion? I rarely see any talk about it."”

“RT @KattWilliams: To my future kids: You'll start off with a flip phone. Idgaf if the iPhone 15 is out by then, you're gonna know the struggle. ???”

Twitter / History_Pics: 7 years ago today, Steve Jobs ...

Twitter / History_Pics: 7 years ago today, Steve Jobs ...

RT @History_Pics: 7 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, revolutionizing the smartphone industry

“"You learn to use an iPhone, you decide how to use an Android."”

“SMH "@RamzZy_: Buy an iPhone & take a pic of the android phone in a bin. "@Kidafy: Best screen shot for android? Anyone?""”

“#MotoG is half the price of the Nexus 5 and a third the price of another "budget" device, iPhone 5c.”

“RT @enygmatic_in: #MotoG is all that the "cheap" iPhone 5c should have been...”

“But that LG G2 stuff is disturbing. The iPhone 5s is already in the hands of several Kenyans despite not being available officially here.”

“RT @Know: You can buy about 2000 apples with the price of one iPhone 5S.”

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