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“How the iPhone 6 literally pays for itself ”

“Galaxy Note II (2012) would have the iPhone 6 Plus for dinner anytime on its plastic plate.”

“Nexus 4 (2012) = iPhone 6 (2014)”

“RT @JeffGichanga: Ha ha! "@BoyChyld: If they haven't managed to put a brothel in that Iphone 6 how you calling it impressive?"”

“RT @JoeWMuchiri: Android pple on that advice tip to avoid iPhone talk HAHA ”

“RT @ZakxMutugi: Hehe "@Sonnie_Gal: We Nokia owners will just sit here and read your iphone 6 tweets"”

“RT @thurrott: Apple had to make a watch so they could have a product with a tiny screen like the previous iPhones.”

“RT @Nuradin_: iPhone 6 is out "@Solskjaer_lad: sirens wailing towards the CBD wats up???"”

“RT @AmJoe_: WOooAH LOL "@iWateba: "$1000 ni pesa kidogo! we can afford!"

But you ain't got a receipt for your current iPhone. "”

“RT @masaku_: Uko na iPhone 6 halafu text yako inacurviwa na dem anatumia motorola”

“"@lu_kei: Hmmm should i get this apartment or that iPhone 6 ? Hmm gotta make a life decision here" SMH”

“RT @kevoice_: They should've called the iPhone 6 plus Tray songz.”

“RT @tim_cook: I'm backstage and this is my first tweet from my iPhone 6. It's amazing. You're going to love it.”

“Finally there's an iPhone that has a full HD display. Xperia Z has been there since Jan 2013. HTC Butterfly/Droid DNA since Nov 2012.”

“RT @WSJ: In June 2014, the median income of iPhone users was $85,000 vs. $61,000 for Android users. ”

“"@GeniusFootball: Liverpool have sold an iPhone 5C and bought 6 Nokia 3310's." HAHAHAHA”

“That's one awesome iPhone Xiaomi launched today.”

“We've seen the "new iPhone 6" in three sizes already. 4.7 inch, 5 inch and 5.5 inch. All based on dummies. Useless articles.”

Twitter / nisummers: My iPhone looks a little wonky. ...

Twitter / nisummers: My iPhone looks a little wonky. ...

RT @martingicheru: Of curved iPhones cc @echenze

“SMH "@Nel_kimz: Lemmi try on my Samsung "@JoeWMuchiri: New iPhone update. Let's see what this one does.""”

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