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“Finally I have at least four hours to idle around. What should I do and what comes first? Jesus!”

“++ "@Digiriri: Lord Jesus I thank you for my devices."”

“MTV Base Top 20: Kanye West. I got pumped up seeing Jesus Walks. That is the good old Kanye not the Yeezus one.”

“But they're Devils "@der_o_: They need Jesus RT @Nel_kimz: Pray For ManUtd!!"”

“RT @Yenyewe: You ask Jesus. I hear he has experience there.RT @Trackmann: When someone you considered your friend goes ahead and betrays, what do you do?”

1 Peter 1:13

1 Peter 1:13

Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Chr…

“No, He was Jesus of Nazareth "@tomwarren: Jesus Arsenal."”

“RT @causticbob: Sign by a road outside a church: Honk if you love Jesus. Grafitti added below: Text while driving if you wish to meet Him.”

“"@TheeJuror: Police and military engaging in robbery incidences.
Who will save us?" Jesus

“Meanwhile, where they are able to access GP devices, they're sold out. Didn't take an hour. Jesus!”

“Note 3's camera app is a huge 88.43 MB. Jesus! Managed to get it to the S4 using the newly discovered hack. Slo-mo video recording at 60fps!”

“RT @Liyan55: Some religious leaders at the coast want the Government to issue them with guns...and Jesus will come like a thief, si they'll shoot him?”

“RT @iChiefDiplomat: Pellegrini has a Jesus at the club, but I wonder why he's still using Joe Hart to save.”

“Be very afraid of women who always find a way of dragging Jesus into your conversations with them; like you're a disciple or something.”

“RT @_Kaana_: Jesus stayed 33 years without sex, what is dry spell?”

“RT @joaomatthews_: I'm glad everybody is starting to hate Ashley Young. This is what Jesus would have wanted from us.”

“RT @UberFacts: In North Korea, it's not 2013. The year is 102, because North Korea marks years from the birth of Kim Il-sung, not Jesus.”

"Call On Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen

My soundtrack: ♫ "Call On Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen (@ Uasin Gishu, Kenya)

“Hahaha "@JGash_: If Jeezy ever did a remix of my president is black he'd rap about e mailing jesus and cc Alai"”

RT @Capiii_: Conversationnnnnnnnn”

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