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“RT @OliverMathenge: The late Judge Hans-Peter Kaul resigned on July 1 due to illness. He had refused to confirm the Kenyan cases citing threshold at pre-trial.”

“RT @OliverMathenge: ICC announces the passing of former Judge Hans-Peter Kaul after a period of serious illness. He was a pre-trial judge in the Kenyan cases.”

“RT @ThisAlibi: So Safaricom is giving 500M and there are 45M kenyans. 1 Million per Kenyan = a balance of 455M. Please RT”

Huawei Launches Ascend P7 In Kenya Tomorrow

Huawei Launches Ascend P7 In Kenya Tomorrow

Huawei is introducing the Ascend P7 to the Kenyan market today

Twitter / TrendKE: They seriously need to rename ...

Twitter / TrendKE: They seriously need to rename ...

RT @TrendKE: They seriously need to rename the 3000m steeplechase event to 3000m Kenyan special event ! #Lausanne #DiamondLeague

“RT @NjeriWangari: This #NunuaAppsNaCredo is a brilliant idea, now if only @GoogleAfrica could partner with @safaricomltd for kenyan android apps”

“"@Kevvoh_: 'Kenyans' trending in Brazil." haha”

“RT @moderncorps: Any kenyan citizen with a BSc. in Mass Communication & interested in joining KDF as a specialist can apply to reach DoD before 4th August”

“RT @kenyanpundit: If Kenyan media was serious about "peace" journalism, they should have been ignoring all our politicians for the last few weeks.”

Kenyans are still traumatized by events of 07/08 PEV. When you remind them what's at stake, you've won the war. That's a nice tool.”

“RT @AF_Proverbs: Evil does not last, but the good does. ~Kenyan Proverb”

“RT @AF_Proverbs: Only someone else can scratch your back. ~Kenyan Proverb”

“RT @Lee_TheSid: A Kenyan scored in the WC before even Kenya qualified for any WC”

“RT @FutbolsaCountry: If #BEL's goalscorer Divock Origi seems familiar to Kenyans, it's because his dad Mike Okoth Origi used to play for the Harambee Stars.”

“What is this #TribeKenya thing about? Massaging your hidden tribal egos by lying that you're "Kenyan"? Please!”

“RT @ianwaweru: I think i'm the only Kenyan who has never watched this game of thrones :-(”

“Finally seen the second Kenyan after @moshe_II called Moshe. I've only known Israelis all along.”

“RT @Claudshavin: Divock Origi becomes the first player of Kenyan descent to feature in the World Cup. At only 19 years, such an achievement. #SSFootball”

“RT @ItsMutai: Amazing Aljazeera got their first reporter to #Mpeketoni by 3:30am. Am wondering why Kenyan TV will arrive at 9am!”

“RT @kenyanpundit: Al Shaabab says 18 attackers, Kenyan govt says 50 attackers. Remember Westgate fuzzy math?”

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