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“Mutula Kilonzo Snr must be very happy with his county's performance in KCPE wherever he is. He was minister for Education just a year ago.”

Notable Kenyans who died in 2013

Notable Kenyans who died in 2013

Kilonzo, Muchemi, Salim & others >> Notable Kenyans who died in 2013

“I remember the late Mutula Kilonzo saying those words when he was Justice minister.”

“RT @pkarnet: Jubilee are known for last minute miracles RT @PeterOpondo: Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior... Is it too early to call it, realistically?”

“Seeing Mutula Kilonzo's pics on NTV now. He looks as lively as ever. It's still hard to imagine he's dead.”

“RIP Mutula Kilonzo

“Does Easy FM do video recordings like Capital? I'd love to see Kethi Kilonzo on last week's 21 Questions.”

“On what basis does a "socialite" start talking about Kethi Kilonzo? Come on. She uses her brains when infront of men. Unlike you.”

“Sorry girl, you can't hate on Kethi Kilonzo's forehead and all you've achieved in life is your crush nominating you for Twitter Honeys.”

“Now I know why Mutula Kilonzo keeps 2 lions in his rural home and loves them so much. They keep #teamMafisi far away from Kethi.”

Twitter / echenze: How come

Twitter / echenze: How come "Kindly DM" is trending ...

How come "Kindly DM" is trending in Kenya? Is everyone is asking Kethi Kilonzo to check DM? Thirsty nation.

“Kethi Kilonzo on 21 Questions”

“I liked Keith Kilonzo's arguments. Beauty + brains right there.”

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