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“RT @lkatho: County leaders are not innovative. They need to work hand in hand with the youthful innovators. Taxing chicken..eggs.. is utter foolishness!”

“RT @lkatho: County leaders need to catch up with this demographic sea change and start viewing the youth not as beneficiaries but as problem solvers!”

“RT @lkatho: According to the Business Insider Journal, the most inspiring innovators are under the age of 40. Most county leaders are over 40!”

“RT @lkatho: Innovation. The application of better solutions accomplished through effective processes or ideas. Our county leaders lack this.”

“RT @KResearcher: Samuel Muindi Mbingu was a Kamba leader born in 1893. Muindi Mbingu street in Nairobi is named after him #KenyanHistory”

Obama's TV Picks: Anything Edgy, With Hints of Reality

Obama's TV Picks: Anything Edgy, With Hints of Reality

None other than the leader of the free world is watching #BreakingBad >> #Obama's TV Picks

“Reading coastal papers. Apparently Karisa Maitha is still the most popular coastal leader nine years after his death as per a survey.”

“RT @Donsarigo: Listening to political leaders talking about latest appointments, you don't see the shock; you see the exclusion of tribes, not merit.”

“LOL "@Imuteshi: So from leaders at Christmas to neighbours in 2games #scousers"”

“RT @kevGucci_: +++++++"@martoh_: ++++++++++++ "@Kvaati: +++++++ RT @imuhutsu: +++ "@Miss_Khaimia: ++++ "@ivans254: Arsenal are EPL leader untill sunday""""”

“Please Arsenal let mid-table teams like United be. Don't play like. Play like the league leaders you are. Oh wait...”

“RT @Creoswa: Muthama joins the list of Kamba leaders out to make sure the community remains back there ... Such a shame .”

“We're within 5 points of the so-called League leaders. Ahem! 11 points clear my foot. Hahahahahahahaha. Never happened.”

“In case you had forgotten MUFC is still the champions. You can shove that League leaders crap somewhere we know.”

“Avoided discussing some things all day. Why would I be interested in the sexual escapades of two mutually consenting adults (eer "leaders")?”

“RT @SamGichuru: Shebesh was in a fight with Sonko? Did we elect leaders or WWF wannabes? :(”

“RT @kollonabiswa: "@MohaJichoPevu: When I see this muslim leaders at state hse. I remember Sheikh A Rogo and his teachings." Rogo had questionable teachings”

“Tribalism and it's ugly head. SMH >> Leaders Split Over the Name of Eldoret VC - ”

“RT @denniskioko: Kenyans complain of the greed of their leaders, yet whenever they take leadership positions, all they do is eat and screw the rest.”

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, June 15, 2013

You would like to play out your role as an effective leader at... More for Sagittarius

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