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“RT @sickolia_: But Kimutai needs to be given a Life Time Achievement Award on these KOT streets. First ever KOT to be suspended by Twitter.”

“RT @AmJoe_: No one cares about life in Israel. Countless number of Hamas rockets intercepted mid air and people living with constant fear”

“Get a NUN! "@KevKartel: I want a female that will challenge me on giving my life to Christ"”

“You can argue all you want but women who know what they want and can can ensure you squeeze your best out of life are the ones to go for.”

“RT @ManUnitedTalk: Now that the World Cup is over I am going to have to get a life. I don't like that!”

“RT @lu_kei: LVG taking the next flight to manchester. Life just got easier for us. #MUFC”

“All Brazil teams I have watched in my life have been world beaters. This current Brazil side is an egg beater. Useless. Divers”

“"@CjSonOfAnarchy: Tim Krul is a very creepy person...Would have been a Serial killer in another life." Lol”

“RT @Abdulsamad254: Incase of any casualty in this Hindi/ Lamu attacks, expect the govt to pull a PR move. Blame CORD, pay for burial/funeral, life goes on.”

“Awww thanks. I've never known that all my life. Also, *nor "@hewan_y: @echenze Belgium is not an African team not is it in Africa."”

“Projector Volta. To improve overall battery life #Android #io14”

“RT @ManUnitedTalk: That's the THIRD time Suarez has bitten somebody. Nobody can defend him. He's a disgusting rat. Should be banned for years, if not life!”

“RT @48tweetsofpower: So much depends on reputation. Guard it with your life.”

“RT @JonSnowBastrd: That awkward moment when a Game of Thrones season ends and you don't know what to do with your life.”

“RT @AmandaRosenberg: Life is like being England in the World Cup - you start off hopeful and naïve, then you just end up getting your ass kicked repeatedly.”

“RT @_Nzuki: When life gives you lemon, you need to stop doing drugs cause life doesn't give fruits to people.”

“Only the flower boys and those of us preparing to roast on our metallic double decker beds are awake. Life!”

“"Everything in life is about sex; except sex. Sex is about power." - Francis J. Underwood #HouseOfCards”

“The last 30 minutes of Barca v MCFC is the only football action I've watched since MUFC's win in the PL. Life should be sold on Play Store.”

“RT @TweetLlkeAGuy: There is no greater challenge in life than trying to convince a girl why she's wrong..”

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