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“RT @Jonathan_Berman: Nairobi now world's fastest growing commercial real estate market says Knight Frank. See the big picture below. ”

“Anyone know a bookshop where I can find those rare Comp Science books by Harry Katzan in Kenya? Nairobi or Mombasa.”

“If Marsabit or Kwale people will misuse their money, let them do it not a few bagas sitting in Nairobi who've done so since indepedence”

“RT @Bssebaggala1: Singer Juliana Kanyomozi's son Keron Kabugo has died at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi Kenya this morning.”

“RT @_samini_: Unacheki mamanzi wako stands huko Brazil halafu unaskia kuchapa Nonini bare akitudanganya dunia nzima hakuna manzi ka wa Nairobi...”

“The little they spend is used to buy mansions that will put State House Nairobi to shame. And fuel guzzlers.”

“I'll never be in agreement with anyone who says devolution is nonsense and that we don't need it. You in your cage in Nairobi don't need it.”

“RT @mmnjug: Some of the Nairobi women will even ask for as little as Sh100 from our rich clients. They have spoilt business. - Msa Prostitute.”

“RT @mmnjug: Nairobi prostitutes are spoiling the party for Mombasa girls by offering cheap services... - Standard.”

“Jeez. Ati 12 Years a DrySpell and you have Nairobi Blue balls. Hahahahahahaha”

“Huh? "@dnahinga Msingi Bora, one of the most popular kindergartens in Nairobi, has unborn babies on its waiting list."”

“RT @KResearcher: Samuel Muindi Mbingu was a Kamba leader born in 1893. Muindi Mbingu street in Nairobi is named after him #KenyanHistory”

FBI says all attackers probably died in Westgate mall siege in Nairobi

FBI says all attackers probably died in Westgate mall siege in Nairobi

RT @guardian: FBI says all attackers probably died in Westgate mall siege in Nairobi:

“Oh, there was that guy talking about only broke people travelling by bus to Mombasa from Nairobi. He needs to check his facts.”

“Plus fares on traditional night bus routes like Mombasa-Nairobi have almost doubled.”

“Mombasa. The only place I can walk all day with my laptop bag strapped on my back without worrying anyone may do what they do in Nairobi.”

“More intelligent than many Nairobi women "@AbuyasLife: SwiftKey is very intelligent."”

“RT @SokoAnalyst: Parking fee is 300. Come January toll fee of KES 140 will be introduced on Thika road. Hence fares will rise by 500%. Welcome to Nairobi.”

“The Nexus S sells for about Ksh 57,000 on Jumia. That's the same price for a Nexus 5 from an independent reseller in Nairobi at the moment.”

“Other towns are full of mean-spirited people. Mean souls. Nairobi comes first (obviously) then Eldoret and Nakuru. Yep.”

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