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“RT @Dazeinfo: Nokia #Lumia520 Remains The Most Favourite #WindowsPhone Despite New Entrants ”

“RT @tomwarren: It certainly *looks* like Ballmer wanted Nokia just to protect Windows Phone and avoid them going Android”

“RT @BenedictEvans: Not a surprise Microsoft is killing the Android forking Nokia X. Curious to see what happens to the feature phone business though. Still big”

“RT @greengart: Microsoft is cutting Nokia quick & deep.”

“So we can now say RIP Nokia X ☺☺☺. Finally. Twas a ridiculous experiment.”

“RT @TheRomit: If the Surface Mini could be pulled at the last minute, why couldn't the Nokia X2?”

“RT @martingicheru: @echenze oh, and FYI, Nokia purity headsets over ear is 36k, on ear is 6k.”

Nokia did well with the Lumia 520. For its price, you get value for your money. I hope they maintain it with better successors and all.”

“This is the week of Launchers. Samsung's Terrain, Nokia's Z Launcher all unveiled in last 5 days. Yahoo's Aviate went public yesterday...”

“Slashgear: Microsoft just designed a better Android smartphone than Nokia could. SMFH. This madness ain't going away.”

Nokia (the arm that remained after the migration to tile world) has a cool Android launcher out. See where they were going?”

Nokia X pre-orders top 1 million mark in China

Nokia X pre-orders top 1 million mark in China

RT @kenmoxly: teren teren RT @techweez: Nokia X pre-orders top 1 million mark in China

“RT @BAKE_ke: Thoughts on Nokia's Android – Nokia X via @echenze

“RT @LilianNganda: #NokiaXKe will only retail for Kshs 12,499 at all Nokia authorized dealers and partners.”

“Thoughts on Nokia's Android – Nokia X: If you happen to be a regular reader of my not so regular articles here... ”

“Thoughts on Nokia's Android – Nokia X ”

“Thoughts on Nokia's Android – Nokia X ”

“New post: Thoughts on Nokia's Android – Nokia X ”

Nokia X launches in Kenya today. Shame I can't make it to the event. Now let's just skip to the part where you tell us the pricing.”

“RT @Mwirigi: The Nokia X is landing here on Thursday. Time for me to break my silence.”

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