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“Someone has friends whose names he cannot correctly note

“The G3 variant selling is 2 GB RAM/ 16 GB internal storage. Nah. Note 3 at 3 GB/32 GB is still great. Want other variant.”

“I just hope no one leaks the Note 4 until it is announced. Element of surprise. What with the sick bastard gone.”

Note 3 is still more expensive "@Safaricom_Care: @shaayee_ Hi Samsung S5 goes for Kshs 65,999 and Note 3 goes for Ksh 75,999 ^WE"”

“In a conflict there will be casualties. Children included. Hamas should've taken note of that when starting their attacks.”

“What he said 👉 "@le3ky: Samsung gets a lot of bad rap. But the Note 3 feels way more premium than the G3..."”

“Samsung releases new base for Indian Exynos Note 3. Downloading. Flashing later in the day.”

“In episode 11, they've ditched their Dell laptops for Samsung Ativ books. Waiting to see if they stick with the S4 or use Note 3s.”

“Bought a Promgate TPU case for my Note in UAE but that S View cover at Samsung's Westlands Grove care centre is tempting.”

“RT @AbuyasLife: Which reminds me that those are 2012 flagships. LG, HTC, Sony, are you taking notes, muhfuckaz?”

“"Please note that Israelis and travellers whose passports bear Israeli stamps will be denied a visa." Oi.”

Twitter / eldarmurtazin: Note 4. First picture ever ...

Twitter / eldarmurtazin: Note 4. First picture ever ...

ROTFLMAO "@eldarmurtazin: Note 4. First picture ever :) "

“Downloading KitKat for Exynos Note 3 (SM-N900). Since I don't have the device, I'm shopping for testers. Any takers?”

“Take notes Davy "@Mkubaff: @echenze @ThatguyDavy smh kuna IG ya windows phone bana"”

“LOL "@RookieKE: Wait! Does a Note fit in the pocket or the dudes have to carry it in a little bag? *runs away from Samsung fan boys*"”

“First world problems "@MediaMK: The thought of going to town to pick up my Note 3 is giving me headaches"”

“Realize that "invention" on NTV is not an app. Hope my agemates are taking notes as I am.”

Note II "@Karmitant: @echenze hehe indeed shouldnt happen...Manu between a note 2 and S4 which has the greater battery life"”

“Samsung introduces 5.25 inch Galaxy Grand 2 with Note 3 Design ”

“Seen some blogger hating on the new Galaxy Grand 2's faux leather plastic back. Hates the Note 3's too. You can never impress everyone.”

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