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“So RAO said bad things about MUFC at that show. Mmmh. NTV wa-upload hii maneno YouTube haraka.”

“Realize that "invention" on NTV is not an app. Hope my agemates are taking notes as I am.”

“Seeds of Sin. Alright I have a date with NTV @ 9.”

“And why was NTV doing "Breaking News" flash alerts for this new media law? Its just a law, right? The UK story was breaking news though.”

“Everyone on my TL is tweeting about news items on Citizen and NTV and some KTN. Then @savvykenya's tweet about K24 pops up. The rare one.”

“"Tussle over secret video posted on online" really NTV? That's the same chap who was on duty on that day of Pope Francis' unveiling perhaps.”

“RT @roomthinker: NTV now … buying theses and projects is nothing new”

“Adobe Flash player plug in crashed... on that NTV The Trend screen”

“And 20 seconds or less is what the late Chelagat Mutai gets on NTV. Not fair at all.”

“"@wuodobech: How does NTV fail to mention Obech Obech as a prominent alumni of Maseno School..Discrepancies" LOL”

“Seeing Mutula Kilonzo's pics on NTV now. He looks as lively as ever. It's still hard to imagine he's dead.”

“Watching this girls education report on NTV. The scene of Dr Nteya milking a cow just reminded me it's something I've never done.”

“RT @coderedstylez: At this rate, NTV will interview the grass at State House”

“Huh NTV? What is? A KBC feed now?”

“Oi they're showing that BAtman goal on NTV again. *Looks away*”

“I'm not into movies but I always find that I've watched whatever NTV decide to air.”

“RT @deebirundu: Soon NTV will start presenting news via tweets, no presenter in studio just a big screen streaming news items”

“Team Victoria Rubadiri. I don't care if everyone else at NTV moves to that 24K TV. Ametosha”

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