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“When everything is put into proper perspective, it is my considered opinion that Sony made the better phone in 2014 with the Xperia Z2.”

“RT @JoeWMuchiri: We are sorry our phones are not 79 kgs & the same size as a laptop. "@echenze: :-) "”

“RT @techweez: Microsoft Planning For A Selfie Phone And High End Windows Phone Release ”

“To diss a yet to be announced phone is not a brilliant move. You somehow cede your authority to the competition. But hey, what do I know?”

“Kuna mtu amenunua S4 fake. Ameambiwa box ya hiyo phone inakaa packet ya maziwa. When did trolls permeate our forums?”

“RT @AbuyasLife: Chrome. One of the smoothest and most powerful browsing experiences I've encountered on a phone.”

“RT @nyax6: My dad asked me to choose between a high end phone and a tablet so I asked myself 'What would Moses do?'”

“Sticking with Lumia 520 class budget phones running WP sounds fine to me. I've never liked the idea of not-so-Android devices like the X.”

“RT @BenedictEvans: Not a surprise Microsoft is killing the Android forking Nokia X. Curious to see what happens to the feature phone business though. Still big”

Twitter / BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the ...

Twitter / BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the ...

RT @BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the phone to Jose Mourinho this morning regarding the David Luiz deal.

“"@GuyJohnsonTV: Samsung's CFO says Q2 results will be 'not that good'" wait, what? That's a profit warning?... Slow sales of some phone?”

“Funny how I can just tell what phone you're using by looking at the screenshots you're sharing here all day.”

“RT @SirSteven: forking hell: @BenedictEvans asks of Amazon, "Why are you asking people to buy a phone with second-rate maps and a second-rate app store?"”

“For someone who loves what they are getting in a phone, you need to try harder to convince me that your Android 4.2 "flagship" is worth it.”

“I wish I could just listen to a podcast on the new Fire Phone right away without having to wait for the usual podcast recording schedules.”

“Fire Phone

“Shopping phone? WTH?”

Twitter / echenze: Phone use since 7pm. My battery ...

Twitter / echenze: Phone use since 7pm. My battery ...

Phone use since 7pm. My battery lasts two full matches and 3 pre-match analysis sessions in-btwn with continued use.

“From a Clarkson fan: "failing in America is so much better ... As is hacking people's phones." LOOOOOL”

“RT @phonewisdom: Hey you at the #MH370 press conference with the loud Samsung phone: do you not HEAR your texts, or are you being a jerk on purpose?”

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