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“Been following lots of autoblogs lately. Eish! Those guys have new stuff coming off factories more than we do phones.”

“RT @paddypower: Van Gaal has his tablet out on the bench, while Giggs checks his black book to see how many phone numbers he got last night.”

“Hard to be interested about a phone I'll probably never see in Kenyan shops #HTC. Lumia 930 if you need anything high end running WP in EA.”

“When everything is put into proper perspective, it is my considered opinion that Sony made the better phone in 2014 with the Xperia Z2.”

“RT @JoeWMuchiri: We are sorry our phones are not 79 kgs & the same size as a laptop. "@echenze: :-) "”

“RT @techweez: Microsoft Planning For A Selfie Phone And High End Windows Phone Release ”

“To diss a yet to be announced phone is not a brilliant move. You somehow cede your authority to the competition. But hey, what do I know?”

“Kuna mtu amenunua S4 fake. Ameambiwa box ya hiyo phone inakaa packet ya maziwa. When did trolls permeate our forums?”

“RT @AbuyasLife: Chrome. One of the smoothest and most powerful browsing experiences I've encountered on a phone.”

“RT @nyax6: My dad asked me to choose between a high end phone and a tablet so I asked myself 'What would Moses do?'”

“Sticking with Lumia 520 class budget phones running WP sounds fine to me. I've never liked the idea of not-so-Android devices like the X.”

“RT @BenedictEvans: Not a surprise Microsoft is killing the Android forking Nokia X. Curious to see what happens to the feature phone business though. Still big”

Twitter / BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the ...

Twitter / BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the ...

RT @BBCSporf: BREAKING: PSG owners on the phone to Jose Mourinho this morning regarding the David Luiz deal.

“"@GuyJohnsonTV: Samsung's CFO says Q2 results will be 'not that good'" wait, what? That's a profit warning?... Slow sales of some phone?”

“Funny how I can just tell what phone you're using by looking at the screenshots you're sharing here all day.”

“RT @SirSteven: forking hell: @BenedictEvans asks of Amazon, "Why are you asking people to buy a phone with second-rate maps and a second-rate app store?"”

“For someone who loves what they are getting in a phone, you need to try harder to convince me that your Android 4.2 "flagship" is worth it.”

“I wish I could just listen to a podcast on the new Fire Phone right away without having to wait for the usual podcast recording schedules.”

“Fire Phone

“Shopping phone? WTH?”

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