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“RT @Mwirigi: @NairobiWP LG makes good phones, they have money. They benefit from marketing other products. Where are they? @echenze @epimmanuel

The Eleventh

The Eleventh

Not as conclusive and detailed but a worthy read. Good to see @DicksonOtieno grow >> Why 'China' Phones are Cheap

“RT @RookieKE: So we are spending 100k so we can be able to use our phones without removing them from our pockets? Isorait”

“RT @kiruik: "@echenze: Happy 2014 y'all. Looking forward to greater engagements here and everywhere else you usually find me." And more phones to root?”

“Now get out of your comfy bubbles and face the reality. Apple products (save for the phones... for some reason) aren't mass market stuff.”

“Is there something that Tizen won't power then? First we all knew about phones. then came TVs and fridges. Now tablets (natural tho'). Next?”

“RT @kachwanya: The struggle to be relevant in Kenya for LG is real and painful, launching the phone twice and tagging on #GalaxyNote3Ke hashtag ...”

“RT @techweez: Nokia is clear that photography is still in their hearts with the imaging features of the new announced Asha phones

“With the way G Drive syncs so well and now Quickoffice ties in to the same and I hardly do heavy document editing on phone...”

“Stock Android is bliss on phones but on tablets (and phablets)... Not so much. It's a skeleton. Yes, I said that.”

“These French people (Archos) need to get those phones and tablets of theirs to the East African market. Some of the best affordable Androids”

“Chinese one has super battery life. Took me long to drain the phone from 60% to 10%. Russian one should even be better :)”

“RT @Edu_exe: @echenze @AbuyasLife 1st dual core phone was an LG and it never got an update, the S2 moved from Gingerbread to Jellybean”

“RT @TheBlackSheep_: Broke people be like -> "@echenze: Honestly there are only 3 phones I am lusting after at the moment: Lumia 925, Xperia Z1 and Note 3."”

“Honestly there are only 3 phones I am lusting after at the moment: Lumia 925, Xperia Z1 and Note 3.”

“"@MoJizel: Setting up my wife's phone in the store so when I get home and give it to her my fingerprint already on there" TouchID problems”

“It is time Sony was given that contract to design the next Nexus after 5. Never been sold to LG phones. Sony has some decent hardware.”

“RT @ailon: Nokia (and Samsung) make phones that can be used with gloves on. Apple made a phone where even a physical button can't be used with gloves.”

“RT @AbuyasLife: Did Apple realise that 64 bit with only 1GB or 2GB
of RAM will make very little difference to the
phones performance?”

“Oh so you enjoy those cheap no-name branded "smart"phones? Good. Use them briefly and try resell them. Let's compare notes when you're done.”

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