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“Haha. Really look forward to seeing mobile platform marketshare numbers after the next 24 months. Boats everywhere. Capsizing?”

“ART is cross platform. X86, ARM & MIPS”

“RT @urbanslug: @echenze RT @AnganiLTD: You can now buy Virtual Machines on the Angani platform. Register and top up at ”

“Rushed reviews by reviewers who never take their time to understand the platform and the device. They just rush to beat editorial deadlines”

“Some bios should have this warning: I'll bore you to death with some useless tweets about a useless nobody-cares-about platform. Yawn”

“I can only buy apps from the Play Store (Android) not any other platform. I've invested a lot on Android.”

“You realize you're truly locked in to a platform (not ecosystem... I'm not that sort) when you find out you've bought enough apps already.”

“The more I use devices on other platforms, the more I love the green robot. There's so much here.”

“RT @martingicheru: Sequence of events: Nokia burns a platform, gets a Microsoft CEO, sells HQs, $MSFT CEO steps down, Nokia sells out, Elop becomes CEO at MSFT”

“RT @thatguyamose: 9 month Internship at Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism for IT in #Kenya: send CVs to Jessica O'Gorman:”

“The saddest thing this week is seeing Symbian go. It is the mobile platform that taught many of us more about phones.”

“How do you review a smartphone on a platform you're obviously not aware how its software works?”

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