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“RT @edwin_jaseme: @echenze Ruto adds on his CV president of Kenya Lol !!”

“RT @MtotoMnyc: KCPE English composition: If I were president for a day...
Candidate: William Samoei Ruto”

“RT @RookieKE: RAO must wish he supported Uhuru. His old man wished he could be president for even 1 day. *hides from stans*”

“😂 😂 😂 😂 "@njooro: Plot twist: Ruto updates twitter bio. 5th President of the republic ....."”

“In 1978, Charles Mugane Njonjo, then AG, changed the oath Moi took and removed the word "Acting". In effect, Moi was sworn in as President.”

“SMFH "@armuisME: Kamwana ameadjourn parliament at 4:20,how can u not love this president"”

“Doesn't work that way "@Leo_Nurd: Former president "@MarthaKarua: Congrats mr president that is a bold move !""”

“"@mokayah: Uhuru has got to be the first African president to willing fully hand over power while at the helm." Mandela?”

“Moi never was ☺☺ "@JOHNtexx: moi RT @Makosewe: Wait! .... is this the first time a deputy president is acting president in Kenya ?"”

“Eeerm, we've never had an Acting President before in Kenya. I know what you're thinking, you're wrong. It'll be the first time.”

“RT @kiruti: Chess yo "@EricLatiff: In short, @UKenyatta will NOT be the first sitting president to appear before ICC judges. He has check-mated history"”

“LMAO "@MrEricWainaina: CORD to issue statement challenging appointment of Ruto as Acting President."”

“RT @Mutembeiii: Kuelewa ni kitu ngumu RT @Shallie_: hahahah! now kenya will be making history, first sitting president at the Hague!i hope afungiwe huko”

“RT @OleItumbi: Starting tomorrow morning, we have Acting President William Samoei Ruto #presidentialaddress”

“RT @MarthaKarua: You are right mr president , we are proud of our constitution which enshrines public participation ! We would want it respected!”

“The President just said we've in the last one year transitioned from a parliamentary to a Presidential system of government. Is that right?”

“Had long argument with my 10 year old nephew. Told him the US has never had a female President. Said no. Allison Taylor. TV inaharibu watoto”

Ben Carson on running for president: 'I think the likelihood is strong'

Ben Carson on running for president: 'I think the likelihood is strong'

Ben Carson is considering running for President

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