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“...opposition sideshows. An opposition led by RAO will always be like that. Live with it. Not be a cry baby and whip ethnic emotions...”

“Chef Lenku is being briefed. Ngoja kiasi "@Abdulsamad254: Have we blamed RAO and Saba Saba for the on going Mpeketoni attacks, yet?"”

“RT @Ambani_Saka: Has Uhunye issued a press briefing to blame RAO on that @KTNKenya tweet yet?”

“But RAO is a Spain fan. Not surprised”

“Before I proceed RAO aka @Brianmbunde alisema anasupport team gani leo?”

“RT @mranka_: If Uhuru knew and he is convinced Raila was involved in the Mpeketoni attack why not arrest or question him, otherwise leave Rao alone.”

“RT @azizmola: ya RAO RT @echenze: Wait, there's a Brian Mbunde curse? Ni kama ile ya Benfica?”

“Brian removes mask to reveal RAO "@Brianmbunde: All teams i have supported have lost.FUCK"”

“RT @sickolia_: Ole Lenku was quoted saying "RAO will be investigated for that Pepe Red Card, must be his fault. Somehow"”

“RT @bonifacemwangi: CORD is slowly been associated with Al Shabaab. The Ngong road protest was done to malign RAO. Propaganda masters at work.”

“So RAO said bad things about MUFC at that show. Mmmh. NTV wa-upload hii maneno YouTube haraka.”

“LOL "@JMOxQ_: RAO wished ruto's kid goodluck."”

“I have special liking for former President Moi and of course RAO. I know how that sounds. Will they be showing up at Kasarani today?”

“You knew such a scoreline was coming when RAO tweeted to wish the "Imperial Gunners" well.”

“RT @VitoTheRussian: LOL... #Factsonly! "@KIMINDIRI: LMAO...RAO ame wish Arsenal Success!!! Leo lazima mnyoroswe! LAZIMA."”

“#WhatMyGovernorHasDone He accompanied RAO to the US.”

“Ok RAO, write a book documenting your side of the story. In it talk of the 2007 bungled elections and the 2013 "mess". I would buy it.”

RAO's interview >>> "@KTNKenya: Now on air: One-on-one interview with Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru with @YvonneOkwara"”

“"@Ambani_Saka: Hii interview ingefanyika tu ile Gallery ya #Tujuane, RAO aki chora venye ata win 2017." Lol”

“100 days is a very short time to judge the government - RAO

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