Rao Tweets by @echenze

“So RAO said bad things about MUFC at that show. Mmmh. NTV wa-upload hii maneno YouTube haraka.”

“LOL "@JMOxQ_: RAO wished ruto's kid goodluck."”

“I have special liking for former President Moi and of course RAO. I know how that sounds. Will they be showing up at Kasarani today?”

“You knew such a scoreline was coming when RAO tweeted to wish the "Imperial Gunners" well.”

“RT @VitoTheRussian: LOL... #Factsonly! "@KIMINDIRI: LMAO...RAO ame wish Arsenal Success!!! Leo lazima mnyoroswe! LAZIMA."”

“#WhatMyGovernorHasDone He accompanied RAO to the US.”

“Ok RAO, write a book documenting your side of the story. In it talk of the 2007 bungled elections and the 2013 "mess". I would buy it.”

RAO's interview >>> "@KTNKenya: Now on air: One-on-one interview with Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru with @YvonneOkwara"”

“"@Ambani_Saka: Hii interview ingefanyika tu ile Gallery ya #Tujuane, RAO aki chora venye ata win 2017." Lol”

“100 days is a very short time to judge the government - RAO

“Makau Mutua today didn't write the usual stuff about the "convicts", ICC and RAO. Some trolls on the Nation website must be so disappointed”

“Hehe "@Richard_Keep: Class Kenya {
function Madaraka(){
return 50yrs;
function politics(){
while (RAO != Pres){

“Or lack of "@mainneli: From Ruto to Rao's Bankruptcy To Daidey To Geisha and now people working for Scanad,in just 2hrs. I love KOTs Jobs"”

“RT @sickolia_: But Politicians are all the same.Even RAO would have chosen the likes of Gumo and crew.Politicians are not your friends.”

“Some people still insist on pettiness. How is RAO referred to as H.E the President? He moved on, so should you, old psycho!”

“Now those who were insulting each other must be feeling so stupid after seeing RAO & the President exchange pleasantries.”

“You'll have to be in your 5th stage of "retardness" to jeer RAO.”

“Just read The Standard's over-hyped article on RAO's powerbrokers. Nothing new there. Just what I and many others have known all along.”

“That former George Bush lawyer RAO has hired, was he part of the team that won him the Presidency at the US Supreme Court in 2000?”

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