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“RT @Gorgxous_: SPM results is coming out tomorrow, and was hoping that he'll be back by then. But, that's alright. He's with me through my heart, & faith.”

“Which job? Distributing points? "@SirongaEdwin: Moyes is the right man for the job, despite the results. Transitions are never easy."”

Starehe principal suspended over poor KCSE results

Starehe principal suspended over poor KCSE results

With Starehe's prominent old boys, this was coming "@dailynation: Starehe principal suspended over poor results "

“RT @Kahush: Coz those who read get jobs RT @JeffGichanga: Kenya's education is based on results other than one's ability to deliver in the job market.”

“For those who tinker with their devices, you can still enable CPU boost for boosting benchmark results on your Galaxy using Xposed module.”

“I'm just not good at doing things in haste. Results in a thousand errors.”

“Hahahaha. Oi "@GiddyLfc: Lupita Nyongo and KCSE results will.not make us forget that Man United is is 7th."”

“RT @Kahush: Windows 8 and 8.1 are probably the results of an assignment by students of a Human Computer Interface class.”

“RT @Sports_HQ: Don't compare your results to someone else's. You can never be another person, you can only be a better version of yourself.”

“RT @TuftyMUFC: Maybe thats the result we needed. Beginning of Jan. All the cracks exposed not being papered over. Investment needed. Dead wood off loaded.”

“RT @SheshGito: True "@kijanafulani: People care about immediate, tangible results. Don't tell them how their lives will change in three months.."”

“RT @odera_sir: But Ruto uses newspapers to wrap meat What will stop him from wrapping the same with the son's 243marks result slip”

“RT @Sports_HQ: The harder you work, the better the results will be.”

“RT @roomthinker: Our narrative as Kenyans when it comes to results needs to shift from "at least we tried / are not like ABC" to "that is unacceptable"”

“RT @mmnjug: Pornhub has been tracking how major news and events affect traffic to their site and the results and amazing!”

“Did it! :) Results tomorrow. Anxious”

“48 hours without KitKats. The results of not going to town. New record. Never again though.”

“RT @ManUtd: .@WayneRooney: "This is a great result. We were tough to break down and thankfully Robin [@Persie_Official ] got the goal for us." #mufc”

“RT @rioferdy5: Big set of results for us today, not season defining but big all the same. Whatever happens @ManUtd will fight/compete to the very end #mufc”

Twitter / Microsoftea: The amazing results from the ...

Twitter / Microsoftea: The amazing results from the ...

RT @Microsoftea: The amazing results from the Lumia 1020 #SeeMoreKe

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