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“RT @gabrieloguda: At JKIA heading out of town. These 2 guys mounted a phone on a long stick just to take a selfie. Bonkers! ”

“Discussing matters politics on Twitter is an exercise in futility. Let's stick to football, Formula 1, Vera Sidika and other stories.”

“Why are books by Kenyan authors so overpriced on Amazon? I'll stick to my favourite foreign writers for now. Only going paperback for those.”

“Don't feel like wasting my MBs to download that Instagram app. No thanks, I'll stick to 6Tag for now.”

“"@AbuyasLife: @edu_exe @echenze The fight is almost over BTW. It's a draw this time." smh, stick to your phonearena tabs”

“Lemme stick to my plastic lane.”

“Hehe "@Edu_exe: amazing how there are so many techies on the TL. stick to installing windows 8"”

“It's all tweets and games until you're threatened with screenshots. Stick to your lanes/airstrips/footpaths/trees guise. Huku ni kubaya.”

“I'll stick with my CS5 and move to CS6 later. Never CC RT @martingicheru: 30 days of free Adobe Creative Cloud, really, who wants that?”

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