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“RT @maccoscyrus: University sasa zijengwe msituni kama reduce motorist inconveniences like this one caused by UoN students

“RT @MumbiAnne: You find most of the UON students who demo after a blackout are the ones who only saw lights for the first time when they came to the uni”

“Watching Steve Ballmer's talk to Oxford students on Bloomberg.”

“RT @IntelEastAfrica: Proud to intro our Intel Student Partners from @KenyattaUni @JKUAT_ece08 @StrathU #MoiUniversityKe & @Maseno_Uni

Twitter / om: The new Microsoft is big news ...

Twitter / om: The new Microsoft is big news ...

SMH. Rotten things. Not just private unis, even public >> How students who fail KCSE end up on degree courses

“RT @Kahush: Windows 8 and 8.1 are probably the results of an assignment by students of a Human Computer Interface class.”

“Ala! "@UberFacts: On average, undergraduate students who major in economics have more sex partners than those studying any other subject."”

“RT @danaceda: Think about this a little. No one spoke about the death of those students. But everyone is talking about the riot. This is the problem.”

“RT @danaceda: Are damaged cars and traffic lights are more important than the lives of students? What happened to us?”

Twitter / gigwapi: KitKat were keen to the needs ...

Twitter / gigwapi: KitKat were keen to the needs ...

RT @gigwapi: KitKat were keen to the needs of students and made sure you can now sleep more comfortably in class. Lol

“RT @gabrieloguda: Only those who went to UoN would understand why students are rioting. If you didn't, you still have a chance once the university is opened.”

“RT @gabrieloguda: Too much pedestrain analysis of student riots. Media always keen on blaming students every time this happens. Are u in bed with univ admin?”

“The story will always be twisted "@NonieMG: The students are allegedly protesting to avoid exams? LOL! Kenya! Digehota."”

“RT @FwambaNCFwamba: Kenyan media will not highlight the reason as to why UON students are rioting.The students are expressing their anger.Its legitimate.”

“Following whatever is happening to the engineering students at UoN. Sad that police can do that to innocent students.Don't be quick to judge”

“RT @tanamark: motorists should avoid uhuru highway? university way, nyerere road. police now dispersing students. #UONstrike @kenyaredcross

“RT @tanamark: An engineering student from UON has died in Central Police, student preparing to riot, avoid state hse rd, &Uhuru H/way @kenyaredcross

“If you are a student, value your ideas. Value them. Value them. Value them. There's a reason I'm posting this.”

“RT @viru5detected: I think 90% of my acquaintances are law students. That job hunt will be a struggle though”

You can pay college fees with Bitcoin too, changing times indeed

You can pay college fees with Bitcoin too, changing times indeed

At the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, students can pay their fees using #Bitcoin

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