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"@TechCrunch: Why Didn't a Tech Journalist Break PRISM? at #SXSW with @alexia " Rumours won't write themselves

“Those engineers at 1 Infinite Loop must be laughing every morning when they see how tech bloggers go bonkers over random tests they do.”

“It took the "big" tech blogs this long to realize Flappy Bird had arrived on Android. Everyone's focus was on Bad Hotel.”

Apple marketing chief Schiller unfollows Nest & Tony Fadell on Twitter following Google deal

Apple marketing chief Schiller unfollows Nest & Tony Fadell on Twitter following Google deal

Unfollowing people is a big deal. For bigwigs like Phil Schiller, they don't subaru you, the tech press picks it up

“RT @Kahush: Yet to watch it, the love for tech going too far RT @echenze Spent the last two hours watching the movie 'Her'. I think I saw myself.”

“'How Microsoft should roll out the new CEO.' Bad English aside, tech bloggers have nerves. Really? How they should do it? SMH”

“RT @techradar: It'd be funny if it turned out that Apple was never working on an iWatch and it was all just a tech media fever dream, wouldn't it.”

“RT @kidrono: @echenze congrats bro saw on msn Africa as one of kenya's best tech webs”

“Oh dear Lord what happened to tech bloggers? Can't believe some list I just read. Ok, maybe its past my sleeping time.”

Twitter / echenze: Tech bloggers. SMH ...

Twitter / echenze: Tech bloggers. SMH ...

Tech bloggers. SMH

“My observation: there's more interest in mobile tech than on anything else tech at the moment. Not even console gaming or PC stuff.”

“Funny thing is, most of the guys writing for the "big" name tech blogs have a background in journalism. SMH”

“I think this week's device reviews (Xbox One, Lumia 1520, Lumia 2520) are the last ones I'm reading from the big tech blogs. Disappointed.”

“Reason why I'm saying this? Any tech site has to have at least 3 articles on some Samsung news every day. Not opinion pieces or rants. News!”

“Dear tech bloggers, sometimes it pays to ask for confirmation before going all "thermonuclear" on a story. Re: Galaxy Gear sales.”

“RT @MKBHD: I was in class earlier, but just caught up on the Moto G announcement. At $179 that thing is easily one of the best deals in tech.”

“So how much were they paying a former chief Apple evangelist and high profile tech celeb to live tweet the #MotoG launch?”

“RT @tyrus_: The whole "Tech Start Up" phrase doesn't make much sense anymore. Amid these hungry, cannibalistic corporates, do they even stand a chance?”

“RT @BestProAdvice: Want to quickly find any PC problem that you can't find a solution for? Choose a girl's username to register on tech forums”

“Don't read reports on tech blogs about having the Note 3's camera app on your S4 and go blindly about it. It's a process. Been there.”

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