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“RT @Lizutd: Rory Mcllory will parade his open trophy to Manchester United fans.

Meanwhile at Arsenal,their biggest celebrity fan is Piers Morgan. Lmao”

“👏👏 "@mSale_: Messi atapeleka hio world cup trophy Argentina na hakuna kitu mtafanya."”

“RT @ThatguyDavy: Cheer up Brazil. 4th place is little bit like a trophy.”

“"@NaiRobley: Some get medals, some get certificates & we know who...that commentator has been paid :""D" Lol. Top 4 trophy nini nini”

“RT @mufcvoice: Now time for Louis to touch down in Manny & get our trophy back”

“RT @TheSunFootball: POLL RESULT: We've taken a count - 68% of you think #GER will win the trophy, 32% say #ARG #WorldCupFinal #WorldCup2014”

“OK, FIFA should just give the trophy to #BRA and stop playing with us. Nkt”

“Time for top 4 trophy guys to celebrate their model”

EPL trophy comes to Nairobi

EPL trophy comes to Nairobi

LMAO "@Nairobi_News EPL trophy is in town...don't wait for more than 8 years to lift it. "

“Wow! You deserve a trophy "@adrian_kibai i will sleep a happy man today, i have backed up all my docs on google docs and drop box"”

“RT @ManUtd: We asked Adnan Januzaj for his New Year's resolution. "Win trophies with the boss," he replied. "I just want to win trophies – that is all."”

“RT @adrUnited: Utashangaa RT @JackWilshere: Happy New Year everyone.....Make it a good one! Hope 2014 will be the year I get my hands on that PL Trophy

“LMFAO "@Ombajo_: What a trophy!! RT @PapiChulo_Chuly: Arsenal on top the English Premier League at end of 2013."”

“We might as well ask for those wooden carvings Arsene Wenger buys for Arsenal players at the end of each season as trophies. We're done for.”

“Why were Arsenal fans in the stands wearing black yesterday? Who/what were they mourning? The end of their trophy dry spell?”

“RT @OmbongiDVD: Word RT @echenze: Top of the table is not a trophy. Unless that was invented recently.”

“"@sitati: @echenze @joewmuchiri And who told you Arsenal is trophyless?" Yeah you have trophies. From 8 years ago. Like that matters”

“Top of the table is not a trophy. Unless that was invented recently.”

Twitter / Lizutd: ARSENAL PLAYERS AT THE OLD ...

Twitter / Lizutd: ARSENAL PLAYERS AT THE OLD ...

RT @enjesh: "@Lizutd: ARSENAL PLAYERS AT THE OLD TRAFFORD TROPHY ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> #MUFC " XD

“What was the former PM doing with a flywhisk at the Gor trophy presentation? Smh”

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