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Truth be told hawes mek. Unless yule Evra wa zamani arudi hiyo day "@McMwiti: Evra vs Hazard/Willian on19th. Sweet Lord!"”

“RT @ianwaweru: Truth be told, appointing the old folks with all due respect is so wrong on soo many levels. And #UK wonders why his ratings are low?”

“RT @theweirdokhalid: United can still win the title. Truth

“Why would telling someone that they are ugly be considered cyber-bullying? Its the truth, tell it like it is.”

“Facts only "@lemanxq: But truth be told, Giroud and Bendtner aren't the best strikers, flop flop flop, truth be told."”

“RT @Islewise: Technology is the campfire in which we tell our stories. The story must weave intimacy, truth and immortality #WCKE13”

“The Malware Situation on Android: The Truth

“Unlike some other countries where some citizens can be described as "insignificant" even in death. Sorry, that's the truth. Accept & move on”

Truth: WP really needs some more apps. Still not at the level to challenge comfortably the big two (iOS & Android). You can troll me now.”

“Almost everyone who buys an Android device has no idea it is even running Android. Sad truth no one wants to hear.”

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, August 12, 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, August 12, 2013

Truth isn't something that you normally like to obscure, but t... More for Sagittarius

“Bitter truth "@D_jibreal: #FACT ~~> RT @PatOski_: 99% of u arsenal cunts have never watched arsenal play in the community shield.."”

“Shameless Kenyans cyber bully Miss Kenya. Oh really? Being told the truth is now cyber bullying? Kama ni ugly ni ugly. Take that to the NSE.”

“You may not like Prof Makau Mutua but what he writes every Sunday is the painful truth. And we don't like hearing that do we?”

“RT @jackmusyoki94: Words may inspire you. People may
inspire you. The truth is, greatness
is already inside you waiting to be
unleashed. It's time to roar!”

Twitter / echenze: The truth #Boston ...

Twitter / echenze: The truth #Boston ...

The truth #Boston

“RT @ben_skulizy: The truth shall set you free. But free isn't always good.. Tell your boss some truth tomorrow & you'll be free.. to look for another job..”

The Malware Situation on Android: The Truth - echenze™

The Malware Situation on Android: The Truth - echenze™

The Malware Situation on #Android: The Truth

“RT @Arturas_: If you fail to do what makes you happy, you fail to live. #Truth

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