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“RT @ShaunKing: 1. Don't watch the news or Twitter 24/7. Unplug for certain times every day. Don't feel guilty about it. You will be healthier b/c of it.”

“Sizing Up Twitter In Kenya #socialmedia”

“Seriously? "@_Ojow: There comes a time in a man's life when he needs to decide: twitter or his career."”

“Quit then "@_Ojow: So this is how this new job role shall take twitter away from me?"”

Twitter Fossil? "@okinawacircus: So now If you joined twitter in '08, what does that make you..."”

“RT @sickolia_: But Kimutai needs to be given a Life Time Achievement Award on these KOT streets. First ever KOT to be suspended by Twitter.”

“RT @SokoAnalyst: Twitter is the slaughter house of respect and reputations. Its a mad house where our worst is at its best. Its the asylum of hate.”

“RT @Paapa__: They're not on twitter RT @BoyBliss_: Salute to all the ladies that motivate guys to do better. Y'all are rare and appreciated.”

“No. So you're saying FB copied G+ too? "@Kevvoh_: Did Twitter copy Facebook's profile layout? They want to attract users."”

“RT @njiiru: twitter overtook media stations in breaking news, the only breaking news they can give us is one of their employee is leaving & wdgaf”

“LOL "@MSFTY: I think bitching about Xbox for WP has alienated me from every Microsoft employee on twitter. I TRIED GUYS. I tried."”

“RT @_JayElly: These twitter babes are supporting any team advancing... Fakes! 😂😂😂”

“RT @Gsquare94: #BrazilvsGermany match was the most discussed sports event ever on Twitter, with football fans sending out 35.6M tweets. Cc @Brianmbunde

“"@JaredKidambi: So Interns at Twitter earn $6,791 per month..... Isokei" cc @MrEricWainaina @anzex_ @IanOsundwa

“RT @piersmorgan: Twitter is bloody funny at times like this. Unless you're Brazilian.”

“RT @UberFacts: David Luiz received over 3,349,561 Twitter mentions during the World Cup semi-final against Germany.”

“RT @kachwanya: .@OleItumbi Is the Govt doing something about the Kipini attacks being reported on Twitter?”

“RT @fenix_app: It seems that Twitter has somehow blocked Fenix, preventing the app from posting tweets.”

“RT @fenix_app: No word from Twitter though. Waiting to know what caused this.”

“RT @kenyanpundit: Twitter Defense Force, more active than security forces. "@roomthinker: Hashtag factory on overdrive!"”

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