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“RT @AbuyasLife: Twitter may be selfish and obsessive, but not as selfish or obsessive as reading can be. Reading has awesome power that Twitter does not.”

Twitter has taken a 20% tweet cut.”

“AGM ya Twitter bigwigs cc @urbanslug "@AdoliSYd: @echenze wats happening @ tribeka"”

Twitter / ricep0d: Sometimes twitter is the ...

Twitter / ricep0d: Sometimes twitter is the ...

RT @ricep0d: Sometimes twitter is the greatest.

“RT @irynmo: Everytime I eat managu I remember twitter standards say traditional vegies are for the poor. I can live with that. Haha.”

“Who else got the new Twitter (web) rolled out to them yesterday?”

The schoolboy who duped the football world

The schoolboy who duped the football world

#BBCtrending: How I posed as a football journalist on Twitter and fooled the world

“RT @samuelhlowe: Twitter: Loneliness filled with witnesses.”

“RT @Dee_spicable: If Twitter in 2013 has taught me anything, it's that we are so ready to share what makes you fit in, rather than what makes you stand out”

“RT @Dee_spicable: And I'm sick of this lightskin vs darkskin bullshit. You are a person let your deeds and heart speak before anyone on twitter can judge you”

“RT @luhazwa: You complain about Kenya Power on twitter, they ask for your account number then they tweet to the whole world how much you owe them.”

“What I'll remember about my 2013 on Twitter most is that it was the first year (of four) that somebody subarud me with real gusto. Records”

“"Sticks and stones may break bones, but words on Twitter can hurt you." The tyranny of one wrong tweet ”

“RT @gitts: Twitter has made companies up their customer service game”

“RT @kijanafulani: Lol! Unataka employer wasome tweets za keg na stuff? RT @Rube_Mfalme: Should add my Twitter handle to my CV..... It's a digital era”

“RT @UberFacts: People who use Twitter are also more likely to give themselves an orgasm once a day than those who do not.”

“ Your girlfriend finally left? "@AbuyasLife: Are we weird twitter?

We are, aren't we?


“"@joseh_254: twitter for android version 4 & 5 is shit" depends which phone you're using. Pizza will taste bad when served on a clay plate.”

“MUFC is happening tonight. I guess that is what the Twitter wanted to hear.”

“The White House has one hell of a nice Instagram feed. Superb photos. Can't we have State House join IG too instead of more Twitter accs?”

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