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“Kenyans are still traumatized by events of 07/08 PEV. When you remind them what's at stake, you've won the war. That's a nice tool.”

“Groundwork by team propaganda prepared everyone for the worst on 7/7. They know how to fight their wars. Good job there.”

“LOL "@TheFacts1O1: Men whose masculinity has been threatened are more likely to support wars and desire to own an SUV."”

“ LOL "@barrryamurray: Nice to Ryan Giggs wearing the poppy.

A man that fought in both world wars.



“RT @NightingaleCry: America: fights two wars to be free of British influence, then spends the next 200 years obsessing over the UK #RoyalBaby #RoyalBabyBoy”

“Microsoft just bounced back in the game console wars. That effed up online updates blah blah blah policy reversed. Good.”

“How they used to avert inter-tribal wars in the pre-colonial era --> RT @TJ_TheMenace: Tell your people to RT my people.”

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