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“Finally there's an iPhone that has a full HD display. Xperia Z has been there since Jan 2013. HTC Butterfly/Droid DNA since Nov 2012.”

“When everything is put into proper perspective, it is my considered opinion that Sony made the better phone in 2014 with the Xperia Z2.”

Xperia Z tablet. Goes for 52k. Bargain "@JeffGichanga: Best tablet to buy on a Ksh 50,000 budget? Cc: @echenze @kahush @Edu_exe @kenmoxly"”

Xperia Z1 f is outselling the iPhone in Japan. Hope Samsung, HTC and everyone else interested in making "mini" phones are taking notes.”

“A quick look at some device sales sites in Norway confirms that indeed there are some Xperia Z1 f devices in the country.”

“Talked to the guy who's listed that Xperia Z1s on OLX. Says he imported it from Norway. Confirms that high pricing. Still doubtful though.”

The rumoured Xperia Z1s is live in Kenya, goes for Ksh 126,000 (Seriously?)

The rumoured Xperia Z1s is live in Kenya, goes for Ksh 126,000 (Seriously?)

So there's some Kenyan selling the Xperia Z1s for a whopping Ksh 126,000.

Twitter / edwin_jaseme: @echenze just changed xperia ...

Twitter / edwin_jaseme: @echenze just changed xperia ...

Nice "@edwin_jaseme: @echenze just changed xperia tipo's fonts "

“Also Sony cross-promotion in Avicii's Wake Me Up video. Xperia Z.”

Xperia Z tablet. I doubt I've fallen in love with any other large tab this year than that Sony product.”

“Last tweet, second gadget is Xperia Z. Not Z1. Z1 is first.”

Xperia Z1 available in KE. 69,995/-. Xperia Z1 started out at a similar price, now goes for 49,995/-.”

“What's the fuss though? Firefox OS ran on Android devices right from day one. Xperia E...”

“Can't take on the Xperia Z Ultra and the Galaxy Note 3. Packing the body of the HTC One alone was not enough.”

“And the pathetic souls scampering for page views just got more pathetic. There are already Lumia 1520 vs GS4/Xperia Z1/L920/L1020 posts. SMH”

Twitter / echenze: Then somebody tweeted that ...

Twitter / echenze: Then somebody tweeted that ...

Then somebody tweeted that all Android phones are the same. Does your Y200 or TN3 look like the Xperia Z?

“Just the Galaxy Ace 2 and the LG L7. The rest, hapana. Including those mid-range Xperias.”

“If you own a Galaxy S4, Galaxy Active, Xperia Z, ZL, Z1... and want to replace them, LG will give you a G2 for free (only in Dubai though.)”

“Tablets: G Note 10.1 2014E & Xperia Tablet Z.”

“RT @TheBlackSheep_: Broke people be like -> "@echenze: Honestly there are only 3 phones I am lusting after at the moment: Lumia 925, Xperia Z1 and Note 3."”

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