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“Compassion is the wish for another being to be free from suffering; love is wanting them to have happiness. — Dalai Lama #compassionbiz

“Examples? RT @emmaseppala: There's no conflict between being compassionate and being profitable. Scott Kriens @1440foundation #compassionbiz

“RT @rjenbarr: "Loving kindness is wishing for others to be happy. Compassion is wishing others to be free frm suffering." Google @chademeng #CompassionBiz

“RT @emmaseppala: there are real, tangible, valuable things that happen when #compassion gets brought to the world.Scott Kriens @1440foundation #compassionbiz

“RT @ZibbyZ: @ChipConley Most neglected fact in business is that we are all human

“RT @GreaterGoodSC: Sallie Maitlis: caring & compassion are sets of learned practices that rebuild and sustain healthy teams #compassionbiz

“It's easy to advocate for compassion but were are the actual examples in corp culture? Not seeing any data #compassionbiz

“RT @emmaseppala: In a culture of compassion forgiveness no longer looks weak but looks like a strength. Ryan Fehr #compassionbiz

“RT @GreaterGoodSC: Relationships themselves have a healing quality - Jody Hoffer Gittel #compassionbiz

“RT @emmaseppala: Elizabeth Dunn "helping others may be the best way to buy happiness with our money" #compassionbiz

“RT @emmaseppala: Firdaus Dhabhar "both compassion meditation & receiving compassion improves immunity & recovery" #compassionbiz

“RT @jayanthp: Sleep, nutrition, meditation, yoga can reduce chronic stress #compassionbiz

“RT @GreaterGoodSC: Costs of chronic stress: suppressed immunity, rapid aging, susceptibility to disease, can lead to anxiety, depression #compassionbiz

“RT @hormetic: Firdaus Dhabhar now speaking on "compassion - shifting from bad to good stress" #compassionbiz Send that downer out-of-towner”

“RT @emmaseppala: @AdamMGrant the opportunity to express compassion rather than receive it increases employees' commitment #compassionbiz

“RT @emmaseppala: Steve Luczo "We don't want to see suffering. We need to shift economics to make compassion/social responsibility a priority" #compassionbiz

“RT @emmaseppala: Our Compassion & Business conference is today - live tweets at #compassionbiz @Stanford @CCARE

“RT @CCARE: Our Compassion & Business conference is today follow live tweets at #compassionbiz or via @emmaseppala

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