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“Great Blue Heron amongst Pickerelweed Photoset by Pamir Kiciman”

“"Pain is local. We're both local and nonlocal." #Pamir, new post Local Pain; Nonlocal Self | #pain #suffering”

“Icing over your Heart in the name of self-protection leaves you with no access to the vibrations of Life. #Pamir

“Thaw your Heart, for you underestimate its strength and have protected it too long. #Pamir

“Lost meaning? Meaning comes back when you value yourself and respark your value system. #Pamir | #coaching”

“Are we connected? Pamir Kiciman on Google+ | #GooglePlus”

“Get excited about how you're going to change things, instead of depressed about why they're not changing. #Pamir | #coaching”

“You can only heal in the present. The present moment is sacred ground. #Pamir

“Be a tabula rasa for the Divine! #Pamir

“You can't cut duality in half and take only the good. You can only transcend both halves, and be in a new state. #Pamir

“If you damn your path, you damn all. Trust it
instead. Improve where needed, and keep walking. #Pamir | #lifelesson”

“Understand love and power. Be lovingly powerful, and
powerfully loving. #Pamir | #love #power #lifelesson”

“Recognize your worth, quiet critical gremlin voice, be generous with self-love and don't submit to latency. #Pamir #coaching”

“ Healing sees Oneness behind the unhealed.
Oneness is the source of healing.

#Pamir | #healing #oneness”

“HEALING: Recognize opportunity. Embrace it. Let it lead. Stay open. Be willing. Be brave. Work it. Internalize learning. #Pamir

“Healing the dramas and pains of your life leads to awakening to your truest self which is abiding. #Pamir | #spiritual #healing”

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Healing is a return to your source code. — #Pamir #healing | TONIGHT:

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Symptoms are signposts from the soul as to what you need to heal. #Pamir #healing |

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Reiju + E-mail Coaching

Compassion says I recognize my brokenness in you and can help you as I once helped myself. #Pamir |

“We originate as a whole, then through life experiences we fragment and focus on the fragments. #Pamir | #soul #coaching”

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